Premium Avatar Request

Hey guys I’m looking for a a very detailed Chun li premium avatar (preferably animated with special effects). I realized that the one I have now is good and all, but the image has needed to be scaled down so much that you can’t see the picture so clearly (I’m starting to realize that what I’m looking for is often a close up at the face on the canvas.)

Here are images that I have that I would like to use, although if any of you that are taking my request feel that you have a better image in mind then by all means use it.

I couldn’t find any other better pictures other than fan art, not that I don’t think they look nice, I’m just looking for a very detailed pictures. I want an avatar that I would be keeping for a very long time like users:
Bahn ( ) and
Dime_x ( ).
As for my name on it, if you guys can find a suiting font that goes well with the picture that would be also great. If you guys are wondering why I’m asking for a premium avatar right now while I don’t have a premium account anymore its because I usually just get the month subscription just for the avatar, I wouldn’t want to rush any of you within that time window. I’m hoping to receive a great avatar(s) :slight_smile:

By the way, I managed to get a nice crop like this

I hope that gives you guy’s an idea of what I’m looking for

I gave it a shot.


Thanks but I was thinking of like a motion background or some sort of special effect within the picture rather than a sprite. Thanks for your effort though