Premium Av Request.

Chief Thunder - Killer Instinct.

I guess I’ll try to be as specific as I can. Some time ago there was a breakthrough where people had avatars that featured short ripped combo videos looping with an image of the character accenting the avatar to the left.

I’m asking for the same style avatar featuring the Chief Thunder image in my current avatar and a looping video rip of him doing his ultra combo. Prefferably the portion of the ultral where Thunder throws out a series of knees repeatedly. If it’s possible, since the knees are animated very fast, the vid rip could slow down the scene.

Theres quite a few videos with Chief Thunder doing his Ultra on YouTube but i’m not sure how difficult those vids are to rip.

If the knees loop doesn’t come out right, I’d take a scene of Thunder doing his 4 hit head smash attack too.

Anyway, I know little about making avatars and I would like to learn how to make my own, but if this is too difficult don’t worry about it.

If it gets made I’d probably end up using it for the rest of my time here at SRK, with +Rep and Props to the maker for life and whenever possible.

Let me know whats up!

**Like mine right? Celcius made it…so maybe he’ll do the same for you. **

Exactly. Hopefully someone will take on the task.

Since the original request is proving 100% too difficult and even less intrest how about something using this image…

I hunger for something new…

Hit up Psychosquall. he might be able to help if you have a vid of the ultra.

something like this, what you looking for?


If you didn’t have premium I’d buy you some.

Let me know when you prem runs out playa. I got you on the refill no doubt.

That avatar is the truth.

Nice, .dub. comes out with another masterpiece.

.dub. is a fucking beast.