Prelim stick layout (please critique)

Had this idea on my way home from work on how I wanted to layout my buttons. I’m not against using the standard Capcom layout, however, I have been playing SCIV heavily, so I want to have something that’s ergonomical for both (and the capcom standard doesn’t look like it would work well in SCIV). So here’s the following:


This seems like it would be ergonimical for both. The guard button on SCIV being the bottom left button obviously, yet still maintaining a somewhat Capcom standard. It also still seems like it would be easy to connect buttons in Street Fighter, including throws and taunts in 3s.

My one concern is pulling kara throws from St.MK with Chun (as that’s my main in 3s.). Otherwise, I think this design looks fine.

Granted, I’m inexperienced in the design process, so by all means, this may have been attempted before. (My search function doesn’t work, forgive me).

Here’s a rough draft of this layout I made in paint. Critique, see if someone can refine it.

I couldn’t imagine playing street fighter with that layout.

I think you’d end up with some sort of repetitive strain injury using that. If you move the lower 3 to the right but not so far that they are directly below the top 3 it should be much more comfortable in the long run.

I use Astro City layout for Soul Calibur IV, feels great to me. I’d just go with Viewlix or Blast//Astro City or something, they’re still good layouts.

A - B - K
G - # - #

Yeah, that’s what I do, with the bottom right button for switch.

I think one problem with this layout is that you would have a punch button directly above a kick button of a different strength (jab above forward instead of short, for instance). That may lead to some incorrect presses.

SC4 layout is the same as Last Blade 2 layout