Pre-Ordered the Digital Upgrade for 360 through GameStop, entering my code and it's showing as $15

So today, like a lot of others, I got my Digital Upgrade for Ultra on 360 through GameStop. When I entered the code, it’s showing me that it’s $15 in Microsoft credit. Is this what the code should be? That is enough to cover the cost, but my worry is that I wont be getting the Pre-Order DLC costumes for the new fighters.

Anyone else have this issue as well or is this what it should be doing?

Did you get the code through email or on a receipt? I went up and got mine on a receipt and it had both. I believe if you got it through email the costume pack email will be coming later. And yeah it is supposed to be 15.00 in credit. Season passes do the same thing.

I went through and right now I just have a email for the Upgrade. Checking my Order History on the GameStop website and it’s only showing the $15 code. Maybe I will email customer support and hopefully get the Costume code as well.

Have you learned a lesson about buying a digital code through a brick and mortar store?

This is the only time I’m going to Pre-Order DLC through a website. Stupid costumes…

So i also got my code, It won’t let me buy the game on the xbox due to me having insufficient funds after taxes are introduced to the purchase. WHAT THE FUCK, i called both gamestop and microsoft, and they said they can’t do anything about it. Anybody who purchased the gamestop code and was successful at downloading ultra, how did you do it? Getting ready to call them and speak with a supervisor/manager.

You just have to have enough to also pay the tax. Welcome to the fucking future. :confused:

I can’t even access the gamestop website atm…

It won’t let me, tells me to choose a different pay method.

Looking at the EventHubs comments, it sounds like I’m not the only person that didn’t get their code for the Costumes. One of the guys contacted Customer Service and said the Code shouldn’t be email in a few days. Still, kinda dumb.

How did you purchase ultra? won’t let me add more money to my microsoft account, nor gives me the option to pay for the tax.

I went to and Preordered it when it was available.

Yes but the code they gave you, i redeemed it but i have to pay for tax now. What did you do?

Hmm… if you are in the US, which I assume, what state do you live in? Could be a tax on Digital Stuff in your state.


You may have to do some research. Sorry that I can’t really help you.

I had the exact same problem as you. I ended up just going out and buying a redeemable card to put money on my account in order to cover for the tax.

had the same problem… the customer service rep was braindead and wouldnt even look for the possibility of a preorder gift… last time I pre-order online, so stupid.

the same thing happened to me and i didnt have the money on my account to pay for the taxes, i called gamestop and xbox and neither of them helped. so i just cant my address to a state that didnt have sales tax (new hampshire). and bought it for 14.99

If you changed your payment method to Paypal or credit card after redeeming the $15 code, you are asked if you want to spend your $15 first before deducting the rest of the payment from your Paypal/CC.