Pre-made Box?

I’ve been looking around at sticks recently, and even though I already have a Mad Catz TE,. I’ve always wanted to have a custom stick. I figure between the numerous online guides, as well as ease of ordering parts shouldn’t be a problem. I have minimal experience with soldering, but having a more experienced friend show me how to solder or even just doing the job for me is an easy fix for this.

My problem is that I have no clue how to work with wood. I have none of the tools and drills, and ultimately, no way to fix it if I make a mistake.

So my question is this: is there any way to have the wooden box/base made and have just that shipped? Everything else should be relatively simple, it’s just that damn box thats stopping me from making an arcade stick. I don’t know if there is a place online that specializes in making just the box, but I couldn’t find one. Failing that, would anyone on SRK be willing to make one and ship it to me (I’ll obviously reimburse you)?

You can go to the trading outlet section of these forums. You’ll find plenty of people selling pre-made boxes there. I recommend
Tell Satek and Lucky that 4lefty sent ya!

First off, thanks for such a quick answer. I looked around at the case only sites that were listed in the trading forum, but I’m thinking of going with this one (, found on the site you linked me to.

I’m really excited! I’ve never made my own stick before, so hopefully everything comes out alright!

Great choice. Those guys are great. Very affordable and reliable. Now for the parts, I recommend or ponyboy in the trade section. I have purchased from Nareg at gamingnow and they have always been affordable and superfast with shipping. Good luck with your build and welcome to SRK! Try not to get addicted to building sticks.

I second that notion. The guys at QCF are quick to respons and great to work with. They have a painting guide on their thread here on SRK to help get that glossy finish you may want. It will take a little work, but you won’t be sorry at all.

You can also check out Lizard Lick for your parts. They’re on the east coast, so you most likely would get your order in 2 days or so. Chad is great at getting things out on time.

Thats a NICE sanwa case at a good price! I’d go for something like that if i didn’t already have a mod stick.