Pre-AE Sakura Video Critique/Exhibit

Where are the Sakura match videos? Post em if you got em!

So far there is this: (Thanks Akiba!!)

Currently looking for more and will post as they come in.

nice find, found a couple things I didn’t know sakura could do

man… Justin Wong as solid as ever.

Oooh…I’ve seen them…:frowning:

i’d post myne but the quality of the video is going to be craptastic. i still not sure where to post them since i am very much new to this site


Nasty. Sak is played by godsh0t who posts in Sak forum threads kewl guy

Very nice vids. I realize I should stop using the shouokens so much and replace them with tatsus. Could someone tell me why he uses a jumping lk after the Ex tatsu instead of Sakura otoshi.

He uses a jumping lk to do the reset crossup

Thanks! Got it

I fall for that shamWOW ultra all day. I said WOW every time. orz

Me playing as Sakura vs some Ranked, let’s call them competition:


Please look past the bad quality, I’d like to record with my DVD recorder but it gives me input delay on games D:

Am still learning how to play Sakura aswell, am actually a Bison player but I want to main her aswell.

Stop throwing after a whiffed dp you could be doing 3 times as much damage.

Oh and go pick up a Y-splitter at radioshack, you’ll be able to input video to 2 different sources.

Round 3 made me frightened. :confused:

Yea i know i should stop thrown people after whiff shoryu, silly old habbit D:

Thanks for the response.

Seems like you got the execution cancelling pretty down, GoDSh0t. :looney: Great stuff ya got there!

Here’s one of mine: [media=youtube]-uf_Tcw1Awk[/media]

I’m not very good, but oh well. I’ve got more on the way.

that sh*t was straight up nuts.
i really like those ex tatsu to j. lk resets.
i wonder why the rose player didn’t catch on after he landed it a few times in a row.

then, again. i’m not the one playing, i might have fell for it every time, myself. :pleased:

just watched some more vids from that user, and he DID catch on. or he knew what Sakura was doing. the posted video in this thread must have just been an off match.

good show to both players.

that Rose player has another vid up where they did block the crossup

and it won them the match

thanks for posting all these videos btw.

good match with rose and sakura, but why not combo up after the ex? ratrher than a kick? just wanted tah know cuz i might be missing something

look above. i asked that exact question