What do you guys feel is the most important thing to practice after you understand generally what every move does for your character, and have the execution of all the specials, ultras and your super down very well? I’ve been maining Akuma and I fit all this criteria, but I’m getting destroyed online still obviously.

Would I be best off practicing combos then trying to work my way up to Vortex?

After knowing what every move does, learning how to apply them in fights (as in what move is good in what situation) is next I believe. After that, work on combos. After that, learn how to apply combos.

For instance, learning when and why you should do a shoryuken, at what distances can a hadoken be jump-over punished, etc.

Agreed with Replica. I’ve pretty much nailed the basics of Adon. Now I have to learn to apply other things to make what I’ve learned better.

To begin with, I would say after you’ve learned special attacks, supers, ultras, when-to’s and how-to’s, Start with Linking and Chaining.

Im currently practcing the timing of simple moves such as Crouching Light Punch + Crouching Light Punch (Still having trouble, but somewhat getting it down…)

After that, learn Cross-Up’s/Cross-Over’s, and then apply the knowledge of Linking and Chaining.

Following, learn to connect Chains/Links into a special move, such as a shoryuken, or hadouken. Then apply that with everything above.

I understand the basic for Guile and Sagat. I however can not put anything together in a fight. I have zero game plan. And I don’t know how to develop one. But I just keep practicing. In arcade mode to be able to work the moves in.

learn your weakness after a fight and know the match ups for your character. Learn to find the other players weakness by their play style.