Practice Sessions

Well, where do I begin. Let’s see, I believe that Socal has no where to go in terms of practice like in the good old days.

SHGL was where we all met before to practice on Fri nights, now, its a toss up. You got fools going to FFA, which leaves out a big chunk of players, namely NSJ and RiCo. You got UCLA, which is really out of the way, and the parking is a bitch. You got fools going to Camelot (not really), but no one else wants to go there because it’s too far, namely R.U.N., FFA guys, and anyone else in the city for that matter, and their shit is always fucked up.

So I propose this. Why not go to Regency. Now I know this was tried before, but didn’t take off for some reason. Well I say how about trying this shit once more. I mean, lets look at the pros of this: 1. Good Comp. (granted that people show) 2. Newest Games i.e. SS5, KOF2003, plus Marvel, CvS2, 3S, 3. Big working cabinets, 4. Decent size arcade with a lot of room in the fighting game area, 5. “Halfway” point between the FFA/city guys, and the Anaheim/Pomona guys (not really for these guy, but there ain’t nothing closer).

Cons: 1. Still kinda far for people, but hell, this is as close as it’s gonna get. 2. It’s on Fri., but then again, we all met at SHGL on Fri. 3. The arcade closes at 12. But then again if everyone got there around 9 p.m. or earlier than a lot of good games could be had.

Now, I think that if everyone is willing to make some type of compromise then this could work. Sure there’s gonna be those fools who’ll say “Fuck that, it’s way too far, why go out of my way to go to that arcade when mine is already good.” Well then, don’t go, this is basically for everyone to meet up who wants to meet up, and for fools to practice together like we used to since that shit hasn’t happened in like mad months.

Maybe I’m too nostalgic of the old days or something, or maybe I just want SoCal to be sick again since everyone’s been slacking off and been divided. But if fools try and show up then maybe everyone can get hard again and represent better next time it’s socal vs. X.

Oh and just an idea… If this shit takes off, and fools actually show up consistently on Fri’s, how about we start throwing bi-weeklies since the tourney scene is all but dead. This is granted that this place becomes the established meeting spot, so it probably wouldn’t happen till like mid Jan, but then again, it’s just an idea.

Hopefully someone will actually go out of their way and try and come down for some practice. If you can’t make it on Fri. try and make it the following Fri. Let’s make this a weekly thing so we can actually try and stay on top of our games. I understand this week is Christmas week so not too many people will show (hell, I probably won’t be able to.) But next week should be good, right?

im down. Hype that shit up Combofiend. FFA regs will follow ^^

Sounds dope…which friday?

I wish i had my car/licence so i could go …oh well ill get it this summer…guess im stuck with camolet i live 2 min away so oh well :frowning:

i dunno if many ffa peeps will follow, that shizzle is far … last time we busted a mission there it took us a while and no one was there, it turned out to be the worse friday night of my life … but if this shit gets going then im all in:)

I’ll talk to the rest of SouthTown, and let them know about ur idea. I wouldn’t mind going myself, if the comp is good.

Con #4. THE STICKS !!!

dunno about the popular fighters but the snk ones have bad controls.

I want to go just to try out the new marveled up version of KOF. :slight_smile: But unforunately it’s too far for me to just go on a whim. It’d have to be a tournament or something.

I kinda chilled on Marvel for like a year now, but It’s a must I show support.
Count me and two other peeps in for which ever friday we make this happen.

regency already has tournaments monthly… It’s better like that since it will get more hype and more ppl will show…
weeklies get killed after a while… biweeklies are whateva… but monthlies are hype just like shgl…
we should let kenny run the tournies since he’s the dirrector, and let him do what he gotta do and make the decisions.

I was hoping that everyone could meet up next Fri if possible, seeing of how this is Christmas week and people got other shit to do. But then again the following Fri is New Years week, so fools might be getting fucked up and/or be out of town.

Anyhow, why are going next Friday post so that everyone else will know and possibly meet them. As long as people consistently try to make it on Fridays, then this weekly gathering thing can start up.

Hopefully people will show, if not for comp, than to socialize I guess.

As for the tourney thing, the biweeklies were just an idea. Monthlies over all are better because it makes it “do or die” in a way. You take it more seriously cause you don’t want to have to wait another 30 to 31 days to represent. Kenny needs to speak on the next tournament’s date if there is gonna be one.

To everyone who is already showing support, thanks.

the projected date for the next monthly is Jan 10th, (MvC2 and CvS2), i just need to get a final ok from Steve, RFC Manager. Oh and every tournament after this will be announced at least 1 month in advanced. I’m e-mailing RFC today, just to tell them about the tourney and to inform them on the conditions on the cabinets.

i think for every friday, a thread should be made just so everyone can see what’s goin’ down and who might go, rumors on who might go, etc. i think the problem with the last time people were tryin’ to get shit goin’ at regency was that no one was sure who was goin’ and what day. if peoples make it clear when they goin’, it should be coo’.

Hey Senor Fiend,

Does Regency have XvSF? I once drove an hour to play at James Games, so if you guys got comp, I’d definately come to chill out. Let me know!

If nuthing else, good luck with this.


JC, GEESE and I went to Cal Bowl tonite, it was closed tho. Man! i used to go there all the time when i was a teenager. Didn’t know that was the Regency Place. That place is dope as hell. I will make it there to get some Practice in.

Combofiend: I like the idea of what you are trying to do…props mang…if peeps do show up for friday night sessions…would it be possible to convince the manager to close at like 1 or 2? (what SHGL use to do) cuz this is a quest for us peeps down here in riverside…and to us it would make much more sense if that place close really late.


cal bowl is the same as regency?

wtf…i couldnt find it and i use to be in league there

yeah that was the spot when i was a young… hella ho’s use to go there.

Still are. Ask mike, he knows. he hooked it up with about 2 underaged girls the other day.

Combofiend: this shit sounds tight. Ever since SHGL closed, the community has been scattered. Hopefully this works out for the best.

I say we all pitch in, and build a mutual arcade located fairly close to everyone! j/k :slight_smile:

uh oh, i’mma be hittin’ cal bowl, then.

sheeyit :smiley:

I’m down, I’ll start going in January, as if anyone cares.