Practice Junk

I need help w/ photoshop cuz I had no real experience w/ it in the past, and I wanna get better! Tell me what I need to do, thanks!

Wakka. :lame:

I drew Zangief outta nowhere cuz rook’s drawing in the style thread had me lmao for no reason. (The dah)

No replies? (-_-)


Someone requested Yun.

Another Kando drawing.

:rofl: I wouldn’t wish a lonely-ass thread like this on anyone :rofl: How sad… Remake of test-kando (sorry for harming your eyes…)

I’m amazed there’s been no replies… some of this stuff is pretty awesome.

Interesting use of PS, Kandoken, I especially like the Yun pic and how you did the muscles.

EDIT: the “smirk” pic really reminds me of the stuff on Akiman’s web site.

everyone’s just jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d comment on particular aspects, but it seems like you really know what you’re doing. please keep posting :smiley:

it’s a beautiful piece of work, great job!!

DOOD! You guys are supposed’ta diss my shit! WTF. j/k I know pity replies when I see’um. Not to sound like a snobby bitch cuz I DO appreciate the compliments but can you guys tell me what my stuff’s lacking,I need to improve… cuz I’m horrible, thx. :bgrin:

Drawing of Sagat. I’ll post the rest after class… :tdown:

whoa… that is one heck of a pic, no two ways about it.

I love the aggression on his face, you can feel it. Art style reminds me of official Capcom artwork from the Alpha series.

why the thumbs down, dude?

:tdown: =the fact that I had class, and that i’m not original.
This was the original face for Sagat.

I think I’m gonna lay low off the mouse for awhile… if I continue, my forearm’s gonna look like Popeye’s an’ shit.

A weak attempt at drawing Wakka realistically

What are you using to make these I like the shading & coloring!

hmm… definitely prefer the reworked version. The bug-eyed look is much less dignified than the seething aggression, and thus doesn’t fit Sagat as well.

you’re being too harsh on yourself btw. Perhaps that’s what drives you to new heights, but you gotta relax & enjoy now and then :slight_smile:

Your drawings are very nice. I admire your mouse skills. Keep up the good work.

A couple of concepts from Chain Ranger…

I just used photoshop. But I start off my contours the majority of the time w/ MS Paint.