"Powerline networking" for online gaming?

A couple days ago my router was moved and I can no longer realistically use a wired connection for my game console. A friend told me about something he uses for his Xbox called “powerline networking,” where an adapter with an ethernet port is plugged into a wall outlet, one for the console and again for the router, and the home powerline can function as a network connection between the two devices. Until now I didn’t know such a thing existed. Has anyone tried using this for playing fighting games online? It sounds too good to be true (so I’m expecting to be told there’s something terribly wrong with it). It seems like it should be better than wireless, but that leaves me wondering why I never hear about it.

Thoughts welcomed.

I use this. Works great. My house is fairly new so as is the wiring. I’m pretty sure ive seen Toodles write about this somewhere in TT.

Thanks. Nice to hear somebody has tried it. Any comparisons to wireless or plain ethernet? The adapters are a bit expensive so I’m hoping for more feedback before I try this out. Cheapest I can find is $50 for a pack of two. Buying individually is more expensive but there are more choices. Then I might have to buy short ethernet cables to hook them up since I’m assuming they’re not included.

I will have to look at which ones I got. They came with cables. You need 2 Atleast. One from router the power outlet, then one from your outlet to Xbox. As far as speed, I can tell no difference between regular Ethernet and the power line.

I also Use this and have had no problems

I heard a lot of good but have no solid facts.

I have read there some concerns with power line networking, especially Ethernet over power lines.

Appliances can cause network interference, dropping connection speeds. This go specially so for large appliances such as Washing Machines, Dish Washers, and Dryers.
Blenders, Hair Driers, Vacuums, anything that can cause static to appear on older analog CRT TV sets can cause network interference.
This can be reduced with Power line filters (like DSL phone line filters but they are for your electrical outlets).

Both adapters should be on the same circuit (I.E. on the same circuit breaker switch or fuse) for best performance. Older Adapters will not work unless both adapters are on the same circuit.

The quality of your home wiring will effect your network. Older home wiring, especially those who are no longer up to code or sub-standard will cause a drop in speed and increased rates of disconnects.

If your electric company uses power line digital subscriber line (PDSL), mains communication, power line telecom (PLT) or power line networking (PLN) this can interfere with your network. Think of it as DSL over power lines instead of your phone line.

This should not be confused with power over Ethernet, USB and Thunderbolt, all of which carry under 100 watts of DC not AC power simultaneously over short distances


Yeah the first outlet i tried mine on definitely did have some interference, but I moved it to a different one and haven’t had a problem since. I haven’t really triend transferring files over it, but I do stream media from this PC including 1080p MKV files. Every bandwidth test has shown it to be as fast as my internet can go, not that that should even stress the adapter.