Power Stone Collection

Anyone else find it odd that Capcom’s deciding to put the collection on PSP as opposed to any of the home consoles?

Not a fighter but PSP is also getting Capcom Puzzle World, which includes Puzzle Fighter X, Y and Z (Y and Z are the Dreamcast-exclusive puzzle modes)…

about time. Power Stone :rock:

Not really…After Capcom released CFJ/CFE and actually expected people to pay for it, nothing they do can surprise me.


No Online play

Im sure there wont be:arazz:

No, read www.shoryuken.com … do you want to compete with DOA4 and Fight Night Rd 3, or Nintendogs and Mega Man X?

Trailer: http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=9416&type=mov

I can’t seem to comprehend who’s trying to infer what with some of the responses in this thread so far. Seems like a few overzealous logicbusters. Don’t start cluttering up the thread with a bunch of random crap that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Trying to make me out to look like an ass for trying to be informative & asking a simple question.

This is too good! Totally unexpected to me. Now i want a Rival School collection for PS 2 or PSP :wgrin:

PS is the shiznit.

ANNNND capcom has started an awkward trend of complication titles. I am pro Darkstalkers collection.

This would have been the best news ever if it was going to be released on a home console. Cool that Capcom still even remembers the Power Stone series but talk about a wasted opportunity.

Powerstone for the 360, DO IT CAPCOM.

Bah. Neither one of those titles can hold a candle to the multiplayer abilites of Powerstone 1 or 2. 4 player goodness, the only thing better is the Saturn’s Guardian Heroes which I still have and love!!!:lovin:


If they ported Power Stone to PS3 or probably even PS2, they would be expected to you know add stuff or god forbid update the graphics a little. With the budget releases they do on the PSP they are releasing games but not actually having to spend the money on working with the higher end of costs.

Outside of Bionic Commando and Captain Commando I don’t think a Capcom past property will NOT receive some sort of rerelease.

I still call it a bunch of bull. Capcom knows its fans by now just as much as we know them. They know that they can get away with re-releasing a game or a series of games with minimal or no changes, and the die-hards will still eat it up like manna from above. I don’t think I have to do anything more than remind of how Capcom practically dogged the Megaman X fanbase by taking extra stuff out of the X Collection, in favor of the PSP remakes, and the fans STILL went gaga over both of those games.

So, I can’t say nothing more than how much I’m disappointed in Capcom for this latest decision which will probably succeed in helping them waste more of their money, than actually gain. Here it is, one of the game series that really jumpstarted the whole “2-4 multiplayer arena fighter shennanigans” (if not THE), and where is it going? Not on the PS2, not on the XBox/360, and, somehow, NOT on the GCN (which is practically this genre’s home turf now, if Naruto and Smash have anything to say about it) but only on the PSP, and doesn’t even look to have WiFi capability to make it worth the while of putting it on the portable. Really…what the hell? I’m starting to think that people who at least have ECON 101 under their belt could probably make better business decisions than Capcom as of the last decade.

What’s next? A Cyberbots/Tech Romancer collection exclusively for the 360? I’m sure plenty of us could think of more ways for Capcom to throw their money away if we tried…

Yeah, but Namco rereleased Tekken’s 1-3 on T5 and didn’t even have to do much updating (given they were added in as afterthoughts). All that was needed to be done (for people to accept them) was make each game arcade perfect. Evenso, Tekkens 1-3 could have probably sold on their own as a bundle collection. Would that be too much of a hassle for Capcom to do?

On a side note. Capcom was originally slated to release Power Stone 2 on the PS2 (shortly after the release on DC) but later decided to nix the idea, giving no apparent reason as to why.

Seriously. Would it it really be that hard to just double the poly counts, fix any breaks in the meshes, and retexture it at twice the detail? I’m sure Capcom could hire someone to do a tweaked out version, call it Powerstone 3, and end up being declared the returning hero of fighting games.

put this shit on ps2, i hate capcom

because powerstone 2 is a party game, and powerstone 1 needs new stages and more characters, a create a character mode would be nice, and easy too

the current powerstones wont make good console games, i LOVE powerstone so it has nothing to do with me not liking it much or anything like that

That’s not true. They can make good console games if the fighting is made deeper.

I don’t really like the idea of a create a character mode but a more fleshed out accesory system ala VF4:Evo or T5 would be a welcomed improvement.

And I think both games need new stages. PS1 could use 6 new stages to match the PS2 characters (i said six because I’d assume that Falcon and Mel will be playable in PS1 too) and PS2 could use three more crazy stages.

The whole point of Power Stone was to not have deep fighting. It’s like Smash Brothers without all the Nintendo connections, and a bigger installed unit base.