Potential fighting game characters based on other characters?

Kimbo Slice - everyone who’s seen that video will remember that slow motion replay where he ducks that punch - that could be part of his moveset. throw him in as he is, boxer shorts etc… and you have simple iconic character design with some colorful language. would probably look good in a Tekken or SF game.

Jason Bourne - goddamnit, with all the Jason Bourne clones there should be at least one already… but i guess his moveset would be a little hard to write with all that grappling. Tekken type game.

[media=youtube]x8w5hGp0Rmc"[/media] - are there any games out there with a shoot fighter? because i can really see this playstyle in a Tekken type game. or maybe give him a lot of overheads and long range punches and a Sean tackle, throw him in 3S #r.

i’m thinking Jim Kelly would be up there too but don’t know too much about him. i also really, really want to see Samuel Jackson do voice overs for a character, but can’t decide who.

i want a real megaman fighting game

Metal Man would own, but Metal Man vs Metal Man would be pretty stupid.

metal man vs any of the MM2 groove characters woudl be like 9:1

Metal Man vs Metal Man; 9-1, in Metal Man’s favor.

I like this thread. Please continue. Actually, I have one idea to throw around, Australian Boxer Kosta Tzsyu. He has a terrible hair style, but is a really nice guy and great boxer.

heh… awesome.

i’d like to see Manny Pacquiao in a game too. heck i wish they stuck him in Tekken instead of Steve.


Fei Long eat your heart out.

just because i hate spelling that fricking name! i hear a lot about him don’t know much about…

Choi Hong-Man - that 7’2" 367 lb korean kickboxer/wrestler. the guy suffers from a condition called acromegaly, which in a nutshell i think means he doesn’t stop growing (broken pituitary gland).

and some game needs a Judo guy that looks like Vladimir motherfucking Putin.

lol bob sapp skillz iz gay.

K1 has such lame fighters.

anyway, I would say sonny chiba, but I think makoto already has that.

Joyce Gracie. fighting games need Ju-Jitsu