Post Your Desktop

It’s been a while, and I’m still laughing at mine. Lets see yours.

Jeez, clean up a little.

Here’s mine, another Disgaea month.

I made this.

Nice! Wish I thought of this one.

I still don’t know how to fucking do this…


whee. more for the comedy behind the moment than anything else:

Minumize everything. Go to your keyboard. There should be a “prt scr/sysrq” key somewhere at the top depending on your keyboard. Press it once. Open paint. Copy image then click on save as. Name it, then save it as a jpeg. If you need it hosted like alot here did with theirs, just go to and upload your pick there then just paste the link here. That should be it. Hope this helps.

I don’t even really watch this series anymore, but the desktop is cool at night. I like glowing stuff

tweety, bitches.

yo, check mine out while you still can, this afternoon it’s becoming “Batman Begins” along with my avatar


Yeah yeah

im really picky about my desktop lol, but im not on my pc so ill post it later



eh, why not.

Feyz, you have to provide us with a full picture of thsoe two guys :clap:

My desktop BTW, and since it’s my little brothers wallpaper month it’s his desktop I guess:

Thats mine.