Post PICS of your sticks/collection! (56K warning!)

What’s up guys… I was bored and saw a thread on another forum where people were showin their fighting game goods… thought I’d make one here for all the fighting game fans to show what they got…

Check it out:

Well here are a few of my games, not all. I got more fighting games in my room but was too lazy to sneak in there and grab them without waking anyone up… (It’s 4 AM right now in San Diego)…

Before posting the pictures, I’d like everyone to know I am an HUGE Tekken fan and of course I love all kinds of fighting games too. You may notice multiple copies of certain games… and think… What would someone do with 3 copies of Tekken Tag Tournament??? :scratches head: Well I also run tournaments and host gatherings regularly where a large group of friends and I just battle it out in varous games. So that’s why. I’ll take pictures of my joysticks/toys/posters/controllers/standees/crap tomorrow.

Unpacking the fighting games took longer than I thought… the hard part was locating them…

Decided to use the popular ‘lay them on the floor’ method…

In here you can see I have:

Battle Arena Toshinden(PS1) x 2
Battle Arena Toshinden 2(PS1)
Zero Divide(PS1)
Mortal Kombat(SCD)
Street Fighter: The Movie(SS)
Virtua Fighter 2(SS)
X-Men: Children of the Atom(SS)
Soul Calibur II(GCN)
Super Smash Bros. Melee(GCN)
Dragonball Z Budokai(GCN)

And in this shot you can see:

Dead or Alive 2(JPN PS2)
Soul Calibur II(JPN PS2)
Hyper Street Fighter II(JPN PS2)
Tekken 4(JPN PS2) x 3
Tekken Tag Tournament(JPN PS2)
Dragonball Z Budokai 2(PS2)
Marvel vs Capcom 2(PS2)
Capcom vs SNK 2(PS2)
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution(PS2-GH)
Guilty Gear X2(PS2)
Mortal Kombat Deception(PS2)
Soul Calibur II(PS2) x 2
Tekken Tag Tournament(PS2) x 3
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection(PS2)
Tekken 5 Tenth Anniversary Collectors DVD Case x 2
Tekken 5(PS2) x 3
Dead or Alive Ultimate(XBOX)
Street Fighter Anniversar Collection(XBOX)
Guilty Gear X2 #Reload(XBOX)
Dead or Alive 3(XBOX)
Soul Calibur II(XBOX)
KILL KAZUYA VOL. 5 - Tekken 5 US Debut DVD x 3
EVO2003 World Fighting Game Championships DVD Disc 1
EVO2003 World Fighting Game Championships DVD Disc 2
EVO2004 World Fighting Game Championships DVD - Tekken 4 & Tekken Tag

Final batch of games for now:

Dragonball Z Super Butoden 2(SFC)
Dragonball Z Super Butoden 3(SFC)
Super Street Fighter II(GEN)
Street Fighter II Turbo(SNES)
Killer Instinct(SNES)
Street Fighter Alpha 2(SNES)
World Heroes 2(SFC)
Virtua Fighter Kids(SS)
Virtua Fighter 2(SS)
Virtua Fighter Remix(SS) x 2
Marvel vs Capcom 2(DC)
Marvel vs Capcom(DC)
Fatal Fury - Garou: Mark of the Wolves(DC)
Soul Calibur(DC)
Bushido Blade(PS1)
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike(DC)
Psychic Force 2012(DC)
Dragon Ball Final Bout GT(JPN PS1)
Tobal 2(JPN PS1)
Dragon Ball Final Bout GT(PS1)
Guilty Gear(PS1)
Tekken(PS1-GH) x 2
Tekken 2(PS1)
Street Fighter Collection 2(PS1)
Rival Schools(PS1)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy(PS1-GH)
Tekken 3(PS1) x 2
Tobal No. 1(PS1)

And here’s 3 of my sticks that were lying around at the time:

Hori Real Arcade Pro, Nubytech SF Anniversary Stick, and Hori Tekken 5 Stick(US).


More pics of collection tomorrow.

Well, here is my joystick collection… it’s not all of it. A friend of mine has one of my Namco sticks, another friend has one of my Tekken 3 Hori Real Arcade Sticks… and there are a few sticks that didn’t make the cut(stuck under my bed) lol…

Here’s my collection, hope you enjoy the pictures…(It was hot as hell in San Diego today and carrying around boxes and boxes of sticks throughout my house was tiring lol)…

The popular ‘lay them on the floor’ technique… Arcade sticks still boxed and packaged…

A close up shows 2 x Hori Real Arcade Pro(PS2), 2 x MAS Super Nova Arcade Stick(ARC), 2 x Pelican Real Arcade Sticks…

This close up shows: 2 x US Tekken 5 Collector’s Edition Hori Sticks, 3 x Hori Tekken 3 Real Arcade Sticks, Hori Fighting Stick(PS1), Hori Tekken 4 Real Arcade Stick, Hori Tekken Tag Tournament Real Arcade Stick, Hori Soul Calibur II Real Arcade Stick, ASCII SNK vs Capcom: Chaos Arcade Stick, Agetec Dreamcast Arcade Stick(New), Hori Namco Arcade Stick(New)…

Ahh, took awhile to get stuff out of their boxes… from upper left, going L-R… Hori Real Arcade Pro, Custom Korean Arcade Stick(used for Tekken), Custom Red Octane Fighting Stick(with Happ stick/buttons), NubyTech Street Fighter Anniversary Arcade Stick, 2 x MAS Sticks, 2 x Pelican Real Arcade Sticks…

Tekken 5 Hori, Namco Hori, Tekken 4 Hori, Modified Tekken Tag Hori(with bat top), Tekken 5 Hori, Fighting Stick Hori, Soul Calibur II Hori, Interact Shadowblade, Tekken 3 Hori, Tekken Tag Hori, SNK vs Capcom: Chaos ASCII, Mini Hori Pro, Agetech Dreamcast Stick aka Green Goblin(for you Capcom heads…)…

An angled view of some of my sticks…

Thought I’d post some extra stuff that wasn’t hard to get to… Tekken 5 Debut Vinyl Banner… this was used at EVOLUTION 2004 when Namco first unveiled Tekken 5 to America… Only 2 in the world… now there’s more though since they went on sale on some site…

My Tekken 5 TV :), and my Tekken 5 standee…

A better shot of my Tekken 5 standee…

That’s all for now… I’ll try to get my SF stuff up tomorrow…

WOW that’s alot of sticks, I’m envious to the max.

My collection sucks…I’ll take a pic of it later.

i’m gonna go take a pic of all my sticks together outside in a few minutes

YOOOOOOO…do you just wake up in the morning and pick one at random and say “imma use this one today!”


i would show you what i have but i’d be shunned off the SRK forums…hope that will change soon =)

wow thats fucking insane


My collection consists of 3 games and 2 sticks… :confused:

my collection consists of 2 games and a green mini 3rd party turbo xbox controller(with a f’ed up B buttons O YEA!)

found this one “broken” on ebay for 25 bucks opened it up and the plug that goes into the controller port wasn’t plugged into the pcb push it back in and boo ya everything works fine

DC/PS2 Mas
i found this mas at buy n trade for 50 bucks the ps2 side doesn’t work but thats ok i use it on dc with 2i and marvel to make sure i can still play on american

Hori sc2 stick
my first stick cost me 60 bucks on this random shady ass website i realize now how shitty it was but this is the one that started it all

Drage/True_Tech colabo
drage did all the wood work and painting i did the art and wiring such everyone at evo loved em drage has the white/pink one i got the black/yellow blue one we’re like twins mad people liked playin on em i couldn’t get the japanese off mine lol

US T5 stick
actually this is a friends stick but i took a pic anyway as he wanted to trade me for ianother stick

group shot
all my sticks minus 2

Me holding the mas and drage tech stick
just a blurry ass pic of me i think its cause there was some light and i had the flash or maybe my sister is a spazz

not pictured cause a friend of mine is borrowing them
Empire Stick made by ejm if you ain’t got big hands you’re not ready for this baby go home and grow some more

Jap T5 Stick got it 2 days before evo cause my other stick wasn’t working right found out it was the 5 pin connector

Here are my 2 sticks. All I will ever need. (Some of you guys are just overkill)

The custom Happ Comp stick I made

And my stock Namco

Mark your so insane I love it :clap: I didn’t think anyone esle had the DBZ fighting games for SFami/Snes…I found 3 a while back , and enjoyed it for what it was along with a mint FFV.

Do you want to sell MvC1 for your dc at all? I need it for my colection/library lol

Back on topic though all I got is my 2 DC agetecs and T5 US stick and my Jpn T3 Hori shown in marks photos already :xeye:

How much is all of that worth? I just got three games and two controllers.

No idea… I just buy things I like… thanks for the compliments in here guys.

Those are just my fighting games btw… :slight_smile:

Markman… I wanna go to your house… cause it’s GAMING HEAVEN!

Wicked sick collection you have there… I can see why you’d bother posting pics.

The Mullah

Nice sticks! I’ve been looking for some custom sticks for awhile now… I just don’t know who to ask to make them for me… -_- …

Most of my stuff is just straight out the store kinda stuff…

man… those are a shit load of sticks markman! tons of games too O_O

welp here’s mine

crazy collection u got there markman!

here’s some of my sticks/games

Pelican, t5 stick & agetec

saturn games (kinda blurry :[ )

more saturn + some ps1 games

Well, I’ve got 6 sticks total but 4 of them suck major ass so I’m just gonna post the good ones for now…

The green one is Sanwa joystick, octagonal gate, sanwa buttons

The pink one is Seimitsu LS-32-01 joystick, sanwa buttons

Those are my sticks…

I only have one stick, and I just got it recently.
Pic isn’t the best quality, but you can see it ok.

I did the art, Dreaded Fist was the builder.