Possible Wolverine Teams

I was wondering since i really like wolverine if i could use wolverine doom & dante on a team some people tell me that team’s bad i just figured since there 3 really beast characters why not throw them on a team together i really like wolverine & doom if i have to drop dante soo be it i just wanted to know who else wolverine could team with i hate wesker taskmaster sentinel tron & she hulk if you guys can suggest a team for me involving wolverine & doom i think i’ll play more of mvc3

There’s a reason why this image exists…


Wolverine/Dorm/Doom is a badass team. Both Wolverine and Dorm works extremely well with Doom rocks.

I used to have Wolve/Hulk/Dorm. I had problems getting in really well as neither of them had a good projectile. I switched it up to wolv/Hulk/Sent and have been having fun since.
If I knew how to use Magneto I would replace Hulk with Mags.

I use Wolverine/Ghost Rider/Sentinel. Both assists are combo starters. I personally like going in behind Ghost Rider’s chain of rebuttal assist. It makes the opponent bounce off the wall and makes for an easy combo.

i use Wolverine/Strom/Akma i sometimes change strom out for taskmaster work for me<br>

You could try the following:

Wolvy/Doom/Akuma (The best imo)

All are solid, but I’d go with Wolvy/Doom/Akuma.

what about iron man with akuma