Possible Update

According to this article, we might be getting an update to Street Fighter X Tekken.

What do you guys think? Are we going to see more DLC characters?

They might add like 2 teams at best imo and add new modes, change gems and balance the game some more. Other than that lots of cosmetic stuff probably.

Though even I as a SfxT fan think they should invest that money into other projects to literally save their company.
Capcom simply blew it with their marketing practices and the update won’t keep the interest up for long enough. That’s our job.

2 teams is still better than nothing.

Ono mentions that the update would fix/eliminate gems.

I’d be down as long as they nerf nothing and buff everything. Also, instead of eliminating the gem problem they should just offer them all for free, same with the DLC characters. What better way to show an honest effort in gaining goodwill? New characters? Not needed but would be welcome.

I think they would need to add new characters to give the game some hype again.

Right now, it’s pretty dead.

You don’t know how dead sfxt looks like, if you live in the states lol.

Are you saying that SFxT is extremely dead?

I believe that the whole “if we had $3 million” thing he mentioned means that there is no update.

I’m saying that it’s not as bad as in Europe and pretty much all the other regions.

Why do you believe that?

Ono has mentioned that he and his team have a lot of written notes on how they need to update SFxT. Why do they need $3 million though? That is the real issue. I heard the USF4 update only cost them under $1 million.

It makes no sense unless he plans on doing a major overhaul like adding new characters and getting rid of gems.

personally? Even if they had 3 mil, I’d rather they start work on an SFxT2 :3

Ono has said in an interview that SFxT2 is not going to happen. :frowning:

Well, neither is the update sooooo…

Because money dear boy.

The fact that he mentions the “if they had $3 million” million bit means that it’s not in they’re budget and that they’re not even planning it. If it were planned, then it would already have been part of their budget.

He said that an update would happen if he had the money.

He’s got about the same chances of getting 3mil for an sfxt update as I do winning a UMVC3 major.

Why do you hate SFxT so much?

Lol this dude has put more work into sfxt than most people around these parts. He’s just being realistic.

I think the update might happen if they put it out for ps4. I just wish they’d give the fans what they want n include a no jems mode