Possible Tutor?

I know I know another newb asking for help but I guess I may as well cast my die and hope that I don’t get snake eyes (hows the gambling schtick goin?). I’m pretty new I think I’ve been playing for almost a month now and honestly I work on combos and such all the time and mainly I need someone to help me just a little more and maybe spar with me and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

My main team is X-23 (point), Nova (mid), Doom (anchor) but I’m really getting used to a Nova, Doom, Strider team. (plus casue I’m a huge RE fan I love my STARS team wesker, jill, chris for funzies)

If anyone’s still playing Marvel I’d love to have a tutor or some sparring matches thanks for your time reading.

have a good one