Possible to bottom mount sanwa or seimitsu stick? Custom arcade stick

Ive already got a couple of custom built arcade sticks, but i was quick to do them around happ competition parts, which i kinda now regret. The top layer of the panel is approx. 7/8 of an inch thick. Would it be possible to bottom mount either stick underneath that? I really gotta get a square gate, as i dont play any marvel games anymore, and it seems all my mains are charge characters.

I think you can lengthen the shaft of a comp stick by adding that black tip thingy

can someone elaborate? lol

edit: oops, misread

Also, is it possible at all to use the bat top shaft from a happ competition stick, in a JLF or LS32 stick instead of what they come with? Because the comp stick i believe is longer, and would be perfect length for a bottom mount, if it would work.

I believe the Happ shaft diameter is larger than the Sanwa, so no. But I’ve got the same issue - although I’m making due keeping the Happ while maining Balrog.

One idea I had is to use a router to carve out the inside of the stick mounting area. The trick is how thin is too thin for wood? I thought about doing this, but I’ve already got my Happ parts, so I’d just as soon build a second custom stick with Sanwa stuff. The 360 Padhacks aren’t tough and if you can find them, Gamestop sells the XBL retro arcade stick for $9.99 - and its common ground.

Also, Sanwa makes a bat top for the JLF and JLW sticks.

You definitely can, see image, part number 95-0194-00.

If you are mounting into mdf and there is a sheet of acrylic hiding everything it’s fairly easy to tap the holes spaced 45mm apart(Sanwa at least) and then countersink whatever you are mounting to to keep bolts flush with bottom, I made something up with aluminium to do this but I think you could get creative with something else.

I’m on phone at work but I have a stick build thread here that I’d link to from here but not on phone, it explains how I did it and I think you’d find it useful.

The stick gets a longer throw range with added height, obviously :wink:

Damn. I dont have the tools to modify the wood in any way really. May just be stuck on comp stick till i can build another stick entirely. Hell at this rate, i may just have to buy one of the madcatz sticks, and swap out parts. Really dont wanna do that tho, cause i like the feel of mine, not to mention they are a lil expensive. Any way to just get a longer shaft for the sanwa or seimitsu?


NICE!! So if i had the longer shaft, mounting underneath a 7/8 inch wood panel would be possible for sure id think. Anyone know if there could be any potential problems with this? Also would that extender work on the standard jlf? It says tp, not sure ive seen that before, or IS that the standard JLF? Thanks man, i think that thing is gonna save my stick project’s ass.

I know you have.
Who hasn’t?

All JLF are same.
No matter the TP or TM.
And not matter the stuff added on; Y (PCB rotate 90), T (JLF-P-1; Flat Mounting Plate), S (JLF-P-1S; S Mounting Plate), SK (JLF-CD; Shaft Cover Kit).

TP means come with TP-MA (Microswitch PCB Assembly).
TM is a JLF without PCB (HRAP EX uses JLF-TM-8; JLF-TM-8T-SK specifically).

Bitchin, thanks for the info. Greatly appreciated.