Possible KOF Ranbat Series in NYC

Hey all! I’m Roddy from Kick-Punch-Block! which is a gaming group based out of NYC with the goal of serving the fighting game community and helping to preserve it locally, and eventually everywhere. We all know that the console release of KOFXIII is coming soon and I made this topic to get some feedback from any Northeast/NYC KOF players who may be interested in playing a weekly ranbat tournament series on KOFXIII. I’d like to make a test run in December if I get enough hits here and from there make a Ranbat season starting in January lasting a few months and ending with a Finale tournament also paying out the top three players of the entire season aside from the winners of every ranbat tourney each week. In addition, every month up to and including the finale tourney, offer double ranking points and pot bonuses as well. We’re looking at a $5/$5 pot/venue for weekly events fee and $10/10 for the monthly tournaments. The Finale would be a little more but definitely worth it if we have continual attendance.

Please let us know how the local community would feel about this by replying here or hitting us up at info@kick-punch-block.com and please check out our home & facebook pages over at www.k-p-b.com & facebook.com/kickpunchblock when you can. Thanks in advance for your time & input!

i would certainly take any opportunity i could to attend if you were to start something like that. btw, have i seen you doods at summer jam or some random local battles tourney before?

Have it at Next Level and I can guarantee you that people will play there.

Sounds like an awesome idea, but if anything, you might want to consider the cost so it’s not a huge drain and shooes away the poor crowd.

You think $5/5 is too much? I don’t recall anywhere in this area that would even go that low. Unless I’m mistaken. :slight_smile:

I have a venue already in Lower Manhattan for the regular weekly tourneys. But who knows. Whatever it takes to get the better community response.

Yes, we’ve been to a few Salty Battles @ LB and you possibly heard shout-outs from Michaelangelo & Ultimizer on the MK stream @ Summer Jam. We do plan to attend NEC coming up. A number of us anyway.

I do the Southtown Ranbats in San Francisco for KoF. The pot’s a bit smaller, but the tournament is only $7 dollars at a 3/4 split. I don’t know if it’s operation costs you’re worried about, but just giving you what’s worked for us over here.

I’m definitely not worried about the costs so $7 would be fine. Again, it’s about the community of the game. Something I can’t stress enough. :slight_smile:

Uh, Roddy is definitely right about the venue fee thing. It’s almost never below 10 dollars and I’m pretty sure Next Level only does 5 dollars for certain occasions.I also suggest Next Level because you might as well help the players kill two birds with one stone by running it on the same days as Guard Crush. If it’s run on the same day as one of the bigger tournaments at Next Level, it will probably interest them to get into KOF.

To be honest though, I don’t expect too many people to be playing it. Very few people even touched XIII when it was at CF and it’s barely played at Next Level.

Never too early to do some community base building. Very few people played KoF XIII before we started doing tournaments up here; it took a lot of encouragement on the player side to build up the community up here. Its gotten much bigger because of it.

Anyway, it’s something I only suggest. If you want to do $10, that’s okay. Piggybacking on Anakron’s statement, I agree that it’s not good to expect a huge turnout the first time. However, if you make it competitively cheaper to participate in the tournament with something like streaming or recorded matches being incentive for them (People like exposure, good and bad), people will start to take notice.

All I’m saying is that no one’s ever skipped out on a ranbat down here because they couldn’t afford it.

I couldn’t. (´;ω;`)

You have to drive almost from the capital to here to get to the tournament. That’s like a lot of gas and probably more than the ranbat would cost x3.

Hey Roddy, I think it’ll be great to develop a KoFXIII scene here in NYC. Granted I’m new to KoF, but I will be picking it up…but I really responded to this thread in reference to your statement concerning a lower manhattan venue… do you think that KPB will be able to provide a new venue for local tournies aside from Next Level Arcade since it’s in Brooklyn (which is rather deep for me, due to my location) but manhattan wouldn’t be a problem…I’m just saying it would be great if we had more accessible venues in NYC where players could unite. Personally I know a lot of players in the BX and upper manhattan that just don’t visit Next Level due to it being in Brooklyn (that train ain’t lightwork afterall)

The venue I had in mind is a little easier to get to and more centralized with it being in the East Village. 8-Bit has regular AE/MVC3/MK tourneys every month and hopefully KOF will be a part of that list. I’m going to finish my Tourney/Ranbat setup on paper and present it to the 8-Bit crew before I let the public know. But please, being from the BX myself born and raised, let them know. I think this will be a fun series for all of us. :slight_smile:

Reiko: If you have anymore pointers and tips for success I’m all ears. And thank you for your advice thus far. :smiley:

i would love to go to these, if you could give me the exact dates i would try my best to make it to them because:

  1. im currently in college in the albany area so im not really in nyc at the moment and
  2. when i am in the nyc area im pretty busy, but i would definitely like to start playing this game compettively and i could use all the help i can get seeing as to how it’s my first kof game ever. also, I was wondering if you were hosting any casualsat your venue, because i would definitely try to make it to those (probably more than the tourneys because they would be cheaper)

well this sounds good to me lets do it at the next level thou if you want
starting to learn kof 13 i need a place to train

yo anakron what sup its been a long time hit me up lets play man ( at booty crib )

Any news on whether this is happening or not?


lol, i forgot about this cuz no one messaged me