Possible European release in October


Play.com are listing a European release for Blazblue in October. I’m told that this doesn’t constitute a guarantee that it will be released, but make of this what you will.

that’s about as vague as it gets, I hope it turns into something reliable though because I’d LOVE to have a date for this no matter when instead of the current “never”.

lets hope it turns out to be true :slight_smile:

A glimmer of hope!

That’s actually pretty nice, I hope the game takes off here as well.

I’ve already got the US version though.

boooo:annoy: that’s too late!!well better late than never,been playing the asian version for a week now gt mine from renchi.com for about 60 bucks with shipping so i basically do not see the point in waiting that long

360 owners can’t play the Japanese/US version.

60 sterling ? , for the Asian version ? (as in 60). I just placed my order yesterday and it only cost 47 but Ive heard other people say their expensive, they dont seem to be on their site but unlike other Chinese stores they dont state that the will label the package as a gift and stress they are not liable for customs duty (something that gets avoided 99% of the time if you label the item a gift).

How long did it take to arrive btw ?