Portland Ranking conflicts....?

why don’t we do ranking battles here in portland as since we can’t all make it to seattle(not as if we don’t want to ofcourse) but should we turn our monthly tourney’s into something more … fun?

just putting it out there i’ll help run it if it calls for it.

Because nobody really cares and there isn’t really a doubht on who is what in Portland. Ill brake it down for you like this. Top 5 in each game that matters here!

3rd Strike:

  1. Anthony
  2. SamY
  3. RBX
  4. SamB
  5. Brian J


  1. SamY
  2. Anthony
  3. RBX.
  4. Victor
  5. Samb


  1. RBX
  2. Jetay
  3. Antony
  4. SamY
  5. Art


  1. Dennis
  2. RBX
  3. Phongsac
  4. Red Dennis
  5. Jetay


  1. SamB
  2. Lawrence
  3. Brian J
  4. SamY
  5. ??? who cares. If your not top 3, who are you really?

These are my rankings. My straight up honest thoughts. You can obviously see i didn’t hate on anybody seeing that i put certain people i don’t care for in places that a hater normally wouldn’t. If you got any beefs with it. deal with it. If you got beefs with where I put myself in each game. Get at me with money. I could care less for words.

Though theres only 3 games in that list that are represented at the arcade…
Running mini tournies for ST / VF5 would be cool though.

i’d love to learn st and vf5.
i’m pretty sure rbx is getting tired of trying to teach me vf5.



Go through the Tutorials on VF4: EVO for basic VF training. It’ll go a long way, trust me.

Wow… been gone from PDX for a few years and the overall rankings stay the same. Good to see that I was able to hang out with some of the 1337 Portland players for the year that I was there.

BTW Mark… what is up! Sam what is up!

Florida is hot as balls. But my combos are hotter!:rofl:



Yo, what’s up Gabe?? Still owning peeps? You coming back to Portland anytime soon?

Gabe! Sup yo!
mn up with me, school / work / beasting in GG. same old, same old.
Maybe gonna hit up Evo this year? huh?

KI and KI2
5.Other people

PDX Free White Girls Rankings…


Man I’ve wanted to head up to the NW a few times to visit, but life got in the way! I told Mark about my work stuff last summer- having to take over the HR duties for my office of like 630 employees because my boss and uber-experieced coworker had to take leaves of absence to take care of dying family members.

I still have my friend that lives in Seattle, and I still want to hit up Vancouver, BC… and I didn’t get a chace to hit up Mt.Hood, cuz you remember I was without my own transportation. So yeah I got unfinished business up there.

Lets see what I can pull off this summer… I’ll be finishing my coursework for my Masters at the end of this sememster (2 weeks) and I’ll have some time to relax.

I’ll keep you guys posted!

PDX Club Rankings

1: Voodoo
2: Barracuda
3: Aura
4: The NewCopper Penny
5: The Greek

Big might casey: White ~girls…Rollin through my mind …

Mighty Casey is the shit!

No way, it’d be:
1st in Third Strike= ME
1st in CVS2= ME
1st in ST= ME
1st in T5DR=…not me, but close.
1st in Marvel=I don’t give a damn

Its all me yo.

Damn dude, a couple tourney wins and you feelin yourself this much! Relax guy. T5DR your not even close. HELLLL FUCKING NO ON ST! You havent won shit in CVS2 either. Stick with 3rd strike, its your biggest hook to hang your hat on.

well well well all you have to do is keep track at this tourney, all the top portland players should be there. so no talk just play. we will all see the outcome right?

Man this dude has got some jokes.

last IN girls

that sucks!

1st in White Gurls= Antione
1st in Asian Gurls = ME
1st in Latino gurls= Jetay
1st in Benson Jailbait = Tilt Crew
1st in Goths = Brandon

PS who the hell is Joe Bray

mackinzie may have you beat there, kid has “asian girl radar”