Portland metro street fighters

I AM CALLING YOU ALL OUT!, we need to get the hell together and get some games going on! i will play anything but NEED some 3s hella bad after this weekend my blood is still warm from that california sun!

…on a tuesday or wednesday? because those are my new days off :frowning:

CVS2! the team that i’m learning right now is A-hibiki/claw/blanka - don’t mess i be for real!

HDREMIX and ST i will play these!

my number is 971.227.0202 txt the shit out of it if you want to play!

oh yeah… we can’t play at my house >.>

Wednesday is games at psu. DUHHHH.

OH yeah!, wednesday’s is games at psu >.> i will come rape you guys today then.

I’m down for going on a tuesday

I gotta find out more about this PSU gig. I’m practically a n00b, but I’m working hard to improve… getting my face handed to me by people that know what they’re doing is probably the most surefire way to get better at this point. :lol:

I’m a public transit guy from the far side of the river (with a full-time college load to boot), so that limits when I can get in on stuff like this, but I definitely will be watching for opportunities.

if u guys wanna come up for SF4, post in tacoma or gameworks thread. Let us know when u will be there and we can get some real SF4 sessions going


yeah we will see, you should bring your SF3 if you want to play, Im not sure we have a copy.

i thought your days off were wed-thurs.


im down to play pretty much anything, id say we could play at my place but my xbox just got the red ring D: hopfully it wont take long to get it back. but id be down to go up to WA to play some SF4 sometime before the release. and whats up with the games at PSU? do they have an arcade in there or do people just set up consoles? id be down to hit that up too

edit : Hey Mackinzie you should try talkin to slcs14 on here, hes a good player in the portland area and he sounds like he wants to get some steady gaming nights started and im down for that too, maybe we can get somthin goin.