Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?

Portland, Maine/ New Hampshire-- Who else plays?

Ok, so… pretty much everybody whos been to a TGA ranbat knows Knucks and Supaman. Some people might have played me at Evo East last year. (lk M. Bison, ST)

Is the Portland scene really just Me, Knuckledust and Supaman? If not, post up and when I get back from SF the three of us and the new people can get matches together.

This is also a callout to New Hampshire, ANYBODY from NH want to rep in So. ME? Anybody from NH play street fighter at all?

Maine/NH Players:

AIM: Sheil is the Man
Location: Windham, Portland/Gorham, until May 18 San Francisco, CA.

AIM: SuperTacoBomb
Location: Orono, Portland/Gorham (Fall 2007), Monson ME

AIM: (Will update w/ permission)
Location: Portland ME, SoCal/Regency Arcade lol.

Location: York

Location: York

Location: Brunswick

Location: NH

Yeah…I don’t hear too much about the scene up north. I know Sandybags lives up there but he’s an Xbox Live warrior. :lol:

I heard recently from a Hugo player but he’s like an hr away in Brunswick. Probably the same guy.

The three of us are very serious players though and myself and Supaman play on the WC some.

Hopefully there is another undiscovered talent that we don’t know about cruising around the boards… (not likely) I mean, there were plenty of Maine Mall Marvel scrubs when I played that game. Hell, we’ll even take flat out scrubs at this point so long as they don’t run their mouth haha!

same guy here…:wgrin: i e-mail Sup awhile ago but he told me that he was busy and that he was gonna check his schedule to see if we can meet sometime in the future…:tup:

You’re going to have a hard time getting anybody to come up to Brunswick since we’re all in/going to be in Portland lol.

I’m thinking that monthlies would be a cool idea (obviously not too close to TGA Ranbats)… I think I might be able to get the Steven’s brothers from Mass to come up atleast, then if you come that’s me, you, knucks, Pete, Craig, Rob and… fuck that’s only 6 players lol.

Joey Crack come up from Jersey? lol.

Anybody from New Hampshire play? Jesus christ.

well… from brunswick to port is bout 40 to 45 so is not that far…as soon you get the ball rolling just let me know…:tup:

It’ll be atleast 3 months before we can all play… are you going to Evo East? I’ll be back home on May 17th at the earliest.

Knucks, Pete and myself are going for sure, we can get some practice in.

Also: Since we have a small player base, Tom and I atleast are going to be practicing a couple more characters to about “mid-level”… do you play anyone besides Hugo?

hey wut up fellas just came across this thread. I’ll be free after mid April. By any chance did u ever worked at the maine mall, if so i might know who u r.

nah i just play with him… the rest of the cast is alright but the big guy is the shit…:lovin:

we just trying to get together within the next few months… and try to improve our skills… and dont worry i’m not good either…

I currently play (when not busy) in SF. Knuckledust is up in Orono right now, I don’t know where Peter is but he play at Regency in Long Beach. Next year we will all be in Portland, Tom (Knuckledust) and I are going to USM and be roomates.

If you suck, it doesn’t matter, everybody starts out sucking. If you want to get competitive all that matters is if you got the heart or not. I practiced my fucking ass off at ST last summer and I had a 25 game streak in the BYOC Evo East. (Unfortunately my Bison got peaced out by 2 Chuns in a row… thought I could be all Japanese style and win w/out a reversal lol! Live and learn.) Not bragging, just fact… all that matters is if you get in there and fucking do it.

Anyway… Get at me on AIM, I love talking Third Strike. (Are you Mute Adonis at DDRMaine?)

Sandy, do you play ST too? I play all the charge characters, my “mains” are Bison, Honda, Rog and OGuile. I know Pete plays Chun.

i used to play with GIEF and a little bit of D-JAY…:looney:

Ugh, DJ owns Honda for free…

As for Gief, we’ll have to see. Love them grapplers yeah?

Word, Hugo is good shit…

Tom and my idea is that we’re going to play 2 or 3 characters so that we can cover all the major matchups so that we can actually get games in against those characters.

Living in Maine puts us at a serious disadvantage when we go down to TGA… well, you do have experience playing online so I guess you won’t suffer as much as we will.

I’m roughly an hour away from Portland. Kittery Maine =O

i’ve been to tga and have no clue who you guys are

son… knucks it the new makoto truth. Good shit to the maine guys for tryin to start a scene so everybody can keep leveling up. keep beastin and see you guys at the next ranbat you go to :wgrin:

I think we had a Marvel match at Evo East… I’m pretty bad at that.

I want to play you at ST sometime though for sure.

Imbrogline: Can you make it to Portland a few times a month to play? An HR isn’t that bad a drive for decent competition.

Oh and Ill Will: Knucks is with me for spring break here in SF, he say thanks for the encouragement. We played 127 games last night pretty much the minute he got here lol.

ummmmm hmmmmmm dont remember, but we can play st whenever

I played against u bacardi at TGA, i think I peaced u out at the 9/30 Ranbat with chun li in ST, I can tell u were kind of mad but i offered my hand for a gg. U have a solid claw, personally i thought i was going to lose.