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I don’t know how far Kittery is (not from Maine) but it doesn’t look like that bad of a drive.

Edit: So that thread isn’t very active, nevermind.

Thanks for the link. I had been lurking that thread. I would make the 40 minute trip if there was a good scene at Holodek, but I would ideally like to get something going a little closer to home.


where were you guys 3 years ago

Hey guys! I received a message from Matt saying you guys were doing a game night on Friday.

I work at a Coast City Comics in Portland Maine and we have been talking about getting a street fighter night going on Thursdays. Initially it would be SSF4 on the 360 (fight pads provided by me). If you guys are interested, then let me know and I’ll set up a start date.

I’m interested. I’m from falmouth and don’t feel like driving down to Mass all the time to play so let’s get this going.

Alright, we were planning some stuff out at the shop today for it. We’re going to try and get everything setup as soon as possible. I’ll post when we we’re ready to go.

This is going to be fun as hell! Can’t wait. Coast City is pretty rad, and I have bought a few old video games from the toy shop next door. Nice location, too. I polled the crew (about 6 or 7) that came to my house friday for some games and they were all for it as well. I am sure some other people around Portland and the area would love to come to the shop and play some fighting games if they only knew about it.

If you need some any equipment like systems, tvs, or copies of games don’t hesitate to ask on the forums. I will do what I can to make this a fun and sucessful event.

Alright, we’re going to try it out next Thursday. So, May 20th, Coast City Comics, start time at 7 PM. I’ll supply my 360 and fight pads. As of right now, when playing you’ll be standing up so fight sticks probably won’t work that well.

PM if you’re planning on attending so I can get an idea as to how many people will be coming.

is it possible to do this on earlier in the week? I’m gonna be a away on thursday.

Chadventure, I will bring a couple of folding chairs, cuz I don’t think I could play standing with a pad or on the floor with a stick…I’m a lapper 4 lyfe!

Also, if its cool I am going to edit the title to reflect that this is indeed happening. Gotta get the word out.

Also, MoxMainiac and Dreadl0000rd, you guys making it to this?? I can lend you a 360 se mox if you go.

Well this won’t be the only one we’re doing, and Thursday works out to be the best night for the store. Hopefully you can make one in the future.

Yeah, i’ll be there. If you could bring the extra SE along that would be great. But I can live with using a pad if need be.

In the future i’m also willing to bring equipment, all my stuff is PS3 though…hopefully some more interest in fighting games can be generated in the area!

I’ll be there for sure. This is only a few blocks from my house. I’ll have two SE’s on me as well.

Yo Matt is Mike going to this?

Yea he’ll be there.

Alright fellas, this Friday night I will once again be opening my doors to any one in Maine who plays fighting games, so come on by and have some ggs and share/gain some knowledge. We got a small but solid core of players right now, and we would love to meet and play some new ppl and start to form a real local scene.

I live in South Portland near the Casco Bay bridge, pm for more info and rsvp. And this Friday, be ready for some real crack sessions with some characters I am trying to learn. Lets get serious Maine!

Confirmed. I’ll be around 8ish I think.

Word up homie see you tonight. Anyone else who may be interested, this is going down at my house tonight in South Portland around 7pm, Super Street Fighter 4 and anything else worth playing, we got. PM for directions.

Hey guys! I just wanted to remind you all that we will be having street fighter night at Coast City Comics this Thursday, June 3rd. The start time will be 7:00 PM. Please PM if you plan on attending, so I can have idea of how many people will be there. Last time was a lot of fun, so I hope everyone can make it out again!