Port St. Lucie - Bojah!

We only had a 3S Tourney since thats what everyone played, so here are the results.

1st. Troy Wesley " Troyboy’s Back! "
2nd. Ross
3rd. Josh " Nitrox "
4th. Gibson " Hardstryke "
5th. Sudash
5th. Rick " Rick Fn Stalvey "
7th. James
7th. Pablo

I Raped everyone…That is all!

nice having everyone over

sorry, that troy got drunk and overly annoying

it was fun. even though I got 5th.

Good shit Troy.

Just remember I helped you get to 1st. Random, no reversal super, Chun-li FTW!

Thanks Nate…Ya your Chun is HOT!!! :rofl:

And I wasn’t drunk :angel: :angel:

Nate has a new account??


Haha, yeah I got tired of SilverGear and made this new one.

So I’m Pinion now, but as far as I’m concerned you can always refer to me as Gear. :wink: Good seeing you buddy!

Free money. Too bad you sucked horribly when you were in VA.

I used Q at that VA Tourney what do you expect.

Chun makes a Big difference…Oh and I rape you at your own game MvC2 :tup:

I rape girls after school.

I bet…Pete FTW!