poor akuma

akuma is 99% lame in this game without FADC

you can’t even do a good combo outside of a corner

and the cancel chain L > M > H is nothing special as it ends your combo abruptly, nor can you really combo into it.

there’s no way to lengthen your combos with meter without cancel tagging… that’s just silly… and i think that will only work anyway if your opponent is in a juggle state

you can’t even do resets anymore.

i must say i’m disappointed.

Honestly, what? And I do mean that, what? Akuma has resets and damaging combos. Work on your links, he can still combo into his crouching or standing fierce punch, and in fact, it seems easier here then it was in SF4!

And that’s the game, tag cancelling. Furthermore, he builds meter SO easily. As for resets…they’re there, you just have to try and find them.

lol, what do you mean combo into it? lp > hp ?

just take a second to think of how much better this game would be with FADC, and how limited it is without it

there’s not much variety or possibilities here

No matter how badly you want FADC to be in the game, it’s not going to happen. Capcom has given us all a new set of techniques to embrace.

Yes I’m talking about Cr.Lp, St.Hp, Lk Tatsu, Sweep/SRK. Akuma has great pressure from a knock down, and counter hits are scary in this game.

I advise you to watch this video if you’re struggling with maintaining pressure. Granted, it’s for Abel, but you can learn from this video.


Oh, and here’s the frame data, so that you can come up with some frame traps.

Final point, with whiffed normals building meter, Akumas Raging Demon is even scarier. Just try to implement it into your game, as his option selects are still very powerful.

All he needs is some kind of damage boost buff. And maybe a better air tatsu.

But it will never happen. Leaves us to find that tech!

Raging Demon sucks. You can still jump after flash.

Akuma has shit pressure from a knockdown, and no, he really doesn’t do a lot of damage unless he’s in the corner.

Akuma sucks, move along.

I use this for confirming things, c.mp, c.lp, c.mk, hk(u can tag the first hit, or lauch off the second hit)

I found a few interesting things bout him to, his demon flip is decent for throw setups or if there expecting it or your to obvious, use ex cancel into hadoken into normal confirms. I think he has great potential and I found that Chun Li is his perfect partner, every 15-20+ hit combo I do cost 1 meter, and the combo builds 70% of a bar meter, and a few of these combos go into Chun li’s resets.

Akuma is a footsie/lock down character. He still has super fast walk speed and he does good damage. Stop complaining and just pick someone else if he doesn’t suit you. I love him on anchor with Nina on point. He is solid and has the capability to do anything he wants. In fact, he’s more of a Ryu in this game. Not great at anything, but good at all things.

Im going to run Akuma/julia team to see how that works for me…