Pocket Fighters!

I notice that within most of the disscussions here, one of the most halarious and party games isnt mentioned.
Pocket Fighters!
Ah, but enough about that, start with something simple.
Who’s your favorite character to use?

who is top tier?

zangief i think …

because i watched the videos on PF … he can do instant death …

but i mostly use ryu … his cool

in the corner …jump hk ,df-hp , shinkuu-senpu kyaku , shinkuu hadouken

thing is in this game the main thing is flash combos. those r what get u the real damage. as for good specials, i would say zangief (SPD), sakura (that one dash move), ryu (all of them), and hsien ko (her normals are easily abusable, her sword special at lvl 3 takes near 40% of ur life if everything hits).

so those are the big 4, but IMO everyone has a chance to win cuz flash combos do big damage and everyone can do them. also guard breaks are great for messing up ur opponent but dont do them too often or ur ass will get parried.

over at my local arcade (family fun) there was a tourney a while back. 1st place was a ryu, 2nd was a hsien ko, 3rd was zangief (jason cole) and sakura, 5th were hsien ko (me), zangief, and morrigan, 8th were morrigan, zangief, and a guy who just did random


ehhhhh… shinies…


shinryuken infinites …needs more that 5 bar to kill an opponent

i just got pf, can someone give me some strats/ good combos and tiers and shit like that?

Akuma Period…:cool:

why you ask? cuz he can tri-jump with dive kick(can even cross you up) just dash in and near opponent jump uf then quickly df+k
also abuse of this on get up.:cool:

Follow ups after tri-jump?
you can either do tri-jump to these flash combos:
p,k,p,p(if landed the throw follow up imediatly with SRK)
p,k,p,k(get’s you a treasure so you can get gems,life or throwing
items;my recomendation)
c.k to Shungokusatsou super(good to finish the fight)

basic PF tactics

1.dash to throw(good on get ups and after jumping in)
simple just dash and when near to opponent press p+K

2.after rounds gem collecting(try to finish the round with a super that lets loose a lot of gems)
after knocking out the opponent when the next round is announced you are free to move so simple dash back&forth to collect gems to build super n your special moves and return to a safe position to begin the round afterwards.

i’ll try n get more strat on akuma:D but for now i’m done

still sumthing bout da game bothers me
what’s this chase n attack that appears on the shared commands
:confused: is this some sort of air combo?