Pnt sf4 ranbat #4 new york city 6/6/09

Hosted by Chocolate Lemon

Hey everyone, thanks to Play N Trade NYC, they decided to let us use their venue to keep the SF4 community alive in NYC. So in order to keep it more alive and make it grow, for the next 6 months there will be a series of ranbat. We would like to have 2 ranbats per month and this will depend on dates due to heavy tournaments that are being hosted throughout the year. And the top 8 people with the most “Chocolate Lemon” points will go into a final 8 play off to win the overall Play N Trade prize which is to be determined. It will be a good prize.

But the top 3 winners of each ranbat will be getting cash based off the amount of entries in the tournament!!!

As you can see, this is the current results

  1. Andre - 243.9 CLP
  2. Rahsaan -120 CLP
  3. Marn - 160 CLP
  4. NerdJosh - 107.5 CLP
  5. Arturo - 103 CLP
  6. Smoothviper - 80 CLP
  7. javitz - 34.3 CLP
  8. Mariodood - 30.1 CLP

everyone else has 1-4 point.

So good luck to everyone for the 4th ranbat and also for the secret grand prize at the end of the ranbat!!!

Soooo here are the rules.

Street Fighter 4

System - Xbox 360
Controllers- BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller)
2 out of 3 double elimination
3 out of 5 winner finals/loser finals/grand finals

Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.

entry fee: $10

prizes: Store credit depending on the entrants. 70/20/10

Plan N Trade? -
137 E 13th St, New York, NY? - (212) 674-0200?

When - Pre Reg at 12 Starts at 1 - 130pm

And also there will be times where I will not be present to run the tourney but Phire who basically got us this deal will do the running of the tournament and of course recording the matches!!! YAY PHIRE

Comments/feedback/suggestions please post.

  1. Phire
  2. Andre
  3. defknife
  4. eggirs
  5. galarian
  6. kyori
  7. buyproduct
  8. juddermang
  9. juddz
  10. philly-one
  11. dr chaos
  12. fermbiz
  13. evil rahsaan


im in

I guess put me down if Phire and I are doing our first to five that day. If not, I’ll probably be there to watch.

i’m down

Ill go and donate towards that prize money.

One, philladelphia

Also some of philly crew will be attending :smiley:

Im there.

Is there one being held on 5/30?

Sign me up please. :chat:

Oh snap. Count me and my brother in (Chris “JUDDERMANG” Cruz & Phillipe “juDDz” Cruz)

sign me up…i’m pissed

in there like swimwear


I might be able to make it.

Do ittttttttttttttttt

We in there.

we’re skipping that one since there’s a tourney in cf that same day.

and galarian we can do that for pnt anniversary.

i cant make it justin. I got bigger sf4 fish to fry. GOodluck to all the participants, and somebody plz record the matches that count this time. THanks.

Sign up Kaizoku Mike also plz.