Plz Close! Thanks!

Looking to buy:
Seimitsu LS-33 Spring

Sanwa GT-8F 4/8-Way Restrictor Plate

Sanwa LB-35-M Mesh Ball - Black

PM with a shipped price to San Diego 92154.

(Already traded for bezel with W00P MstR FresH)
I’m willing to trade my red bezel and an art piece that has been cut from Arts Hobbies. I also have a Plexiglas cut from Arts hobbies and the original TE art plus a GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate that I can trade. Lets work something out.
Anything in the picture except the bat top and adapter is up for trade.**

Red bezel is coming of this stick. **

Just to give you a heads up on the art and Plexiglas…
I bought the Ryu art plus Plexiglas and it was off a little bit where the turbo box is. I was told by Art that he was running into this issue with some sticks. He said he cut it the same as he did on all of his orders meaning my stick was off.

So I’m thinking it will be fine on your stick but it might be off as well. I have attached a picture of what I’m referring to.

Look at the turbo box. The Grey is the back plate showing, not to bad but I thought Id let you know. Remember it might fit perfect on your stick.

You forgot the N at the end.

K’s are the snap in version

Yes, they cooler than Screw-in.

Let me ask you guys this,

Will K or KN work with the Gen 1 MadCatz Te?
I have a stick with a Plexiglas and I’m just assuming it will be OK because I have seen others do it.

My stick

Updating art work to

Yes fit.

I just like PS-14-K because Sanwa SW-68 Microswitches can replace the Seimitsu PS-14D Microswitches directly.


Hey another question. How do you like that round gate you bought? Read your review.

The one from eczangief?
The quality is super.

But I never tried it out for playing.
Because I don’t have JLF.

That is all I can say. :sad:

Lizard Lick has the PS-14-K’s in limited stock, not in clear though :frowning:

Well they are all clear.
They just not colorless.

I think you can not fit 8 of the screw types due to a clearance issue with the mounting of the stick.

It fits.
The Nut goes under the Mounting Bracket.

You started saying it :lol:


New wants!

I have a couple HD special springs that will fit the JLF, similar to the LS33. Not sure if that will fit your needs. Also have a square restrictor plate. Make me an offer?

Hey, /

Are you interested and any of my stock buttons or MVC art shown above? If not just pm me a price and we will go from there. By the way, how much use does the square gate have on it?

Pretty much new on the square gate. Switched that stick to a GT-Y after I bought it.

Now if anyone has a square gate they planed o throwing out… :slight_smile: