Plinking (The concept of it and how to do it on a D-Pad)

This isn’t a informative thread, I’m asking. I understand the reason I have such difficulty with links is because one, I use D-Pad (which is a very minor excuse, but it does play a factor). And two, I don’t plink. I don’t see how I could on a D-Pad.

Could someone first explain the art of plinking, and then how it’d be possible to do so on D-Pad?

Any videos I look up on youtube only show players like Daigo and Mago plinking on the Stick. How would that be possible on D-Pad, as I’ve been told it can be done.


Plinking is a button technique so I assume when you say d-pad you mean gamepad. D-pad means “directional pad” and refer specifically to that -not the entire device- for future reference.

You certainly can plink on a gamepad, although you may have to hold the pad in a slightly different way to hit the buttons correctly.

The Newbie Saikyo Dojo is a better place for these sorts of questions, fyi.

Yes I mean the gamepad. Calling it a D-Pad is a habit of mine among others. Thanks for the video though mate.