Plinking Slowed Down and Explained

Ok they have reuploaded the video on youtube and edited with the proper plinking technique. Now there is another video that explains Piano Roll backups.

Here is the Plinking video with the correct info:

Link to site article:

Why, on your sight, do you have Halo on your fighting-game banner?

But, good shit, regardless.

It’s not my site, but the guys that made it focus on competitive gaming, and FPS are part of that.

They mostly work with fighting games though as you can see.

Anyways, glad the video was useful to you.

Plinking has been explained sooo many times in sooo many videos but, I guess 1 more can’t hurt.

I checked youtube and some of the “many” videos you mention dont really show how to perform plinks or give you a good angle on the arcade stick slowed down.

But with so many views already i guess some people still find it important. The more tutorials with good explanations, the better.

I’ve seen at least 4 plinking and kara throwing guides.

We have a thread devoted to video guides at the top of the forum.

When you said SOOO many I was thinking dozens of videos lol. As i said before, a good guide on anything is always welcome imo.

That was actually an incorrect video. With a proper plink, the cr. short will NEVER come out. spreading misinformation one video at a time!

Yeah you get the short if you screw up the plink not if you time it wrong

That’s because eh kills aleins and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Uh yeah… that video doesn’t exactly have correct information. If you plink properly you should NEVER get the weaker attack that you plink with. That’s the whole point of plinking; to make it easier to hit the link you WANT. All those backup inputs that the video shows are the results of the guy fucking up his plink in the first place.

does downvoting on youtube actually effect much? As in, if we dislike it a lot, will the video eventually be removed, or at least put lower on the search results, so that people don’t see this and think it’s correct?

Plink video has the corrections already, the dudes at F101 are actually great contributors to the scene as many people have said, and have no interest in misleading. Thanks for letting us know of the issue, the video has notes explaining the difference now.

Ok Varelan, i have no problem with people pointing out mistakes that we make on our videos. But i really dont know why you would comment that we misinform people one video at a time.

Alot of people have found our videos helpful, and if we have made any mistakes i can assure you we dont mind having them pointed out as we want to keep our videos as helpful as possible.

Dont try to put other peoples efforts down just because a mistake was made. It has been corrected and we welcome any feedback for any other corrections needed.

We are rediting the video without the youtube anotations with the proper corrections.

Cool, I was mostly concerned that it would continue to spread the wrong idea, which would then make our lives more difficult later when we have to explain it to people.

If you’re fixing it already, however, that’s awesome, so kudos on that.

I understand your concern and thanks for the feedback on those errors. The video is already edited and fixed. We also made a new video out of the old one called “piano roll backups”.

If you see any mistakes on the new plink video, please let us know and we will fix them for sure.

Great work remaking the plink video fox, i uploaded one of the vids to the media section and i see you uploaded the other.

Would I be a fool to try and work on plinking sliding my fingers across 2 buttons instead. Doesn’t work when i tried it, but maybe I’m just not fast enough.