Please stop.

We get it. Capcom was lazy when they made Omega Gen. Stop being assholes about it because nobody can play the damn game through your light kicks.

people lame enough to do the infinite aren’t going to this forum to learn more about the character

Everyone is abusing gen infinites and im just sitting here waiting for 1.04 to be released on steam. Gaben PLS - Masturbating Spider-Man
But seriously, Infinites should at the very least, be very hard to execute (looking at you Abel).

omega gen s tier XD

I play Gen. But there is no way in hell I’m doing this infinite on somebody. That’s just terrible and really whack. If I play Omega mode at all it will just be to test out his moveset, not to troll.

Yeah, might be fun to do once in training mode, but isn’t any fun at all for either player in an actual game.

Not even good for the trolls because there really isn’t anything at all at stake in Endless.

If anyone should be beyond God tier it is Gen, and since Omega mode is crappy anyway, I welcome that infinite! :smiley: I wouldn’t use it against people, but I still love the fact that Gen is undisputed number 1 in Omega.