Please Sega fix it, wish list for VF5FS

-------------- (Very) Important fix needed :

> Room mode

Room mode is the major fix that Vf5fs console need, no one use it cause playing is too long, I think sega should care to improve this mode if they want vf5 and next VF become a success. How to improve the mode without breaking the net code (people can’t join during the match that why i guess the netcode is so good, fair enough) ?

  • Something has to be done with the timer, 20 sec timer would be perfect, When the room is full or whenboth players
    hit “ready” the time should end so the room with a few number (2 to 4) of slot would be really faster. when the room is only setting for 2 players, allow “rematch option”, it would be perfect.

No need 5 additionnal sec, 3 sec will be fine.

Add a kick option for the host (in a room of 5 players it would be usefull when someone is laging)

> Score

  • At least add score indications, win streak for all mode (i can’t believe sega forget to put this feature in player mode and room mode, that just unacceptable), may be ratio, appealing line.

That not too much of work for sega i think and it’s cheap.

-------------------------- Not as important but would be cool, may be expansive :

> Training mode

-Invite friend as 2p players
Save the setting of training mode

> Replays mode

  • Hide/toggle result match (i dont like beeing spoiled)
    search player name option

  • Add a mode to show a bunch of match to a friend (i know it’s possible but a lil tricky)

  • Option to skip or come back to the first or second round. Minimize the size of hud.

  • Record/export 2p/1p imputs option for the training room

> Add a tournament mode
Couldn’t hurt someone

> Afro haircut for vanessa

(Sorry for my bad english).

[]You should be able to see player data during matches, or at least in replays.
]Connection strength should show the ping and not approximations. I don’t understand why they feel they need to hide that data.

Yeah that 30 seconds between matches seems a little excessive. When both people ready up it should take you to the fight.

Yeah, well I mean it is just 30 seconds. lol

The players you play showing up on Players met for the PS3 version.

This, how am I going to send gloat mail to rage quitters?

They should fix the file size for the costumization packs on the Xbox. They are as big as the whole game. It doesn’t make sense. I want to make my Shun Di look like a drunken Tom Waits, but I cannot, as I have a 4 giga Xbox 360.

I think most of these requests are reasonable, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for much more support from sega. VFDC has been trying to get sega to release this version ( and past versions) to consoles for years. I get the feeling that we BARELY got this version. It seems like Sega is indifferent on whether or not VF does well outside of the Arcade.

Show ping of players when they’re listed in custom match.
“press to set” button config, perhaps.

Isn’t the file size due to some limitation of the 360? In the PS3 version, all costume packs are separate files, and they range from 80 to 300 MB.

It would be cool if we could see the players’ connections before we challenge them. I hate exiting because of a perceived weak connection.

I don’t know the reason but it’s annoying. What’s the point on downloading 1,9 gigas if you are only going to use 300 MB?

something I would like sega to consider myself is the regions. I live in a canadian city that is much closer to american major cities than it is to other canadian cities, searching for matches under local never finds ANYTHING, world wide finds games real quick but I imagine users who select local cannot be found this way. So I think I am missing out on a huge majority of the good ping matches out there.

it would be nice if north america was one region or perhaps like the pacific northwest for example. I ping like 20-40 to places like seattle, and yet I’ll never be able to play players from there in ranked or player matches.

This is all because the “region” selection is based off of your PSN account. My main acct is Japanese, and as such local matches give me 0-1 bar JP players. lol

lol nice, have you attempted to play any of said matches? one evening I had a constant stream of Japanese names with 1-2 bar connections and high skill levels, I assume they were Japanese players as it would be quite a coincidence otherwise, but one can’t be positive… If they were in fact Japanese players…it was amazingly playable!

I didn’t know the matchmaking was region locked, I usually just put anywhere. Granted it only takes a minute or so to get a match to begin with, I just wanted to broaden the playerbase

The mandatory 30-second wait time is great for the smokers.

Yeah, some of them I actually can get a good match with. Not all the “foreign” looking names are JPs, but you will remember when someone actually does proper movement cancelling in neutral and all the other good shit.

Haha, that’s a positive way of looking at things. I personally use the 30 seconds to chat with my invited friends to give them tips and stuff. (or pop off, okay, mostly to pop off)