Please make this art for the top of stick!

Can someone make a some art for my stick im having bulit i just want these 4 pic on a white background with the name of the person in pink or white (whatever shows up better on each pic) 2 of the pics on top 2 on the bottom and split up by a pink bar from left to right in the middle all the way across. With Southtown’King somewere. and can u use Vivaldi text. here are the pics and the size the dude gave me not sure what this is in Photoshop size but the are the basic dimensions are the top surface is about 8.5x11"
it’s 1.5 high in the front and 2" out back to create the slope.

Thanks in advance.

pic in order

Koda Kumi
Namie Amuro
Utada Hikaru
Ayumi Hamasaki or

also if u can find there symbols u can use that insteed of there names (eg like ayumi’s m’s) anyways thanks i hope this is do able cause i need my stick so i can pratice 5000$ is a lot of doh. PM or post if yall have any ques.