Please help: newb stick making question (With pics!) "Will button snap in here?"


I am planning on building my first stick. I already have an idea how I will go about it. I do not have access to a router. The tools I have at my disposal are a drill, glue gun, mitre box+saw, and screwdriver (of course!).

I was wondering if Sanwa OBSF-30’s will snap into here. If those won’t, will OBSN-30’s?

Please help! See pic!

Edit: I drew screws in there but now I’m thinking that would suck. Some hot glue to get that sheet metal stuck there would be much better, right?

Edit: Or I could do this (to avoid using metal):
From top to bottom layer…
Acrylic (with holes for buttons).
Thin layer of wood (with holes for buttons).
Another piece of wood (with a big square cut out around the holes). The top surface of this wood would serve as base for top-mounting a Sanwa JLW. It would be roughly 8mm lower than the surface of the plexiglass.
Sound good? Need a pic because my explanation sucks?

Don’t quote me on this stuff, but I think Japanese snap-in’s do at most 4mm thickness, and screw-ins do just shy of 9mm. I thiiiink all of the accomplished stick builders are using 2mm of acrylic plexiglass and 2mm of aluminum.

I’ve been scheming a possible way to build a nice all Sanwa stick without having to do any metalwork… I was thinking 2mm of polycarbonate (lexan) and 1/4" hardboard (masonite?) with screw-in buttons might work okay, and that will also just about give me the 9mm proper mounting depth for a JLF. I haven’t tried any of it yet though!

BTW good on you for making the pic… makes understanding what you mean a billion times easier.

Thanks for the tips deadfrog. I just wish it didn’t take me 4 years to make that damn pic.

you can mount the buttons just fine in plexi glass… and anydepth of wood. thicker the better so it can withstand mashing hard i like 3/4mdf. i just route it out for screw ins if i use them.

just make sure the plexi holes are 30mm exact… then on the wood you need to make two notches on each side of the holes. these are for the TABs on the buttons to rest in. sorta like little ditches. heres a pic so i hope this helps.

Damn thanks for the response. Now I know exactly what I need to do thanks!
I also read that 30mm holes are drilled with 1 3/16’’ drill bits (spade drill bit or whatever). Is that correct? And I would use this same bit to drill bit to drill holes in the plexiglass as i would use to drill holes in the wood?

Is this what I would be using (in the correct size of course)?

where did you guys go and buy your plexi or lexan? does home depot have it?

and i used a hole saw for my holes in the wood

and lol i bought particle board instead of mdf i think which was my bad AHHH

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