Please help me make a christmas prez for a fantastic girl...$50, yes, $50 on the line

OK, here’s what I need help with, cause my graphic art skills are shockingly more poor than I remembered. I have a scan of this amazing girl from my work (stole her pic from the staff room, HAHAHA! Don’t say stalker, we always do silly shit to each other. AND it’s all just friendly, the age difference is too great. Just think she’s a fantastic person. No lusting whatsoever :confused: ), and she’s a mega Jim Morrisson fan. So what I want, is to cut her out of the picture (a lot of grossly colored background, I work at a theater), and put her as seamlessly as possible into a group picture of The Doors, which I’ll get made into a poster.

Here’s the kicker: I will personally, in respect for the holiday season, send a cheque for $50 to whoever can produce the highest quality image by Thursday night (may even post them as attachments and let you buffs judge). Just PM me your address, and I swear on all that is holy, that I will send you the cheque via mail (remember, I’m a Canuck, so it’ll take a little longer for the mail.) If I welch on the bet, I will give you her address, and you can use your photoshop skills to send her a pic of me getting pumped in the bum.

Reply to this post with your e-mail, and I’ll send you 4-5 possible Doors pics to impose her into.

This is a rare chance for an SRK member to a.)Provide REAL GIRL ASSISTANCE to a fellow member! b.)Get paid to do what porbably won’t take all THAT much effort with some skill and a decent comp.

So how bout it? Will you help my christmas dreams come true? :lol: :lol:

You’re a little annoying bitch. Who the fuck gonna help you?


OK, from now on, if you want to enter for my $50, post in this thread:

:lol: Little bitch cant talk shit back. Is your sore pussy on its period again?

Why would you admit something like that?

I’ll do it.

And for free.

Just post the images here, my email doesn’t work for the time being. I’ll try and get it back to you on Thursday but no guarantees. You just want her cut out and put onto the images you have?

What a fuckin fag :lol: :lol:
You are too stupid to even defend your pussy ass.

Dude, there’s a time and a place for everything, but why would you TELL people shit like this?

Chibi: The doors pic is attached.

EDIT: BUT, i’m not posting the pic of the girl on here, for obvious reasons.

And anyone who tries to be cute and guess at the obvious reasons, I’ll give you a clue.

Becaus.e you.r fathe.r i.s a. chil.d moleste.r.

Ok, try emailing me at then.

Also, my aim is AkarIchijo, drop me a line as soon as you can.

This is top notch shit, you two. You guys should have some sort of sitcom together. :lol:

Hey SA.M, your grandpa called, he wants his syphillis back.

Your stupidity is reaching new unmatched levels. Same way your homosexuality did.

Mikey I hope you really arent gonna try this with a low quality jpeg, that will never get turned into a poster.

Also cut out the spam.