Please help me ascend scrubdom (match vid)

I’m in the vid as 1P, please give me tips on what I could have done to punish mistakes, what I need to learn to become a better player overall, etc. This is the same premise as Nipp0n’s thread, but I think I have much more work to do. I can provide more vids if you guys want, I’m kinda having fun testing out my capture card.

Be as brutal as you want, I don’t mind if you rip me apart for my playing. Also, I know that at the end of Kyo vs Ken I could have followed up the super with the ground pound for the win. :[

Watching vid now. By the way this is nipp0n. my acct got scrapped in the upgrade. Ill post comments soon

Ok ill make it short .
First kyo: Your trying way too hard to get close. in both matches you practiclly chase ken the entire round while he chips away at you, not good. Also, when you do get inside, your not using any of kyos mixups. Im a p-kyo player and let me assure you, mixups are what kyo NEEDS to win. Make them keep guessing whats coming next as you take all there life, your just doing the same thing like kyo is a shoto or something

Morrigan: Again with the mixups. If youve ever watched buk’s vids youll see she has an amazing fly/mixup game that can be pure hell for someone who cant stop it. I dont know much bout morrigan, but i do know that her fly mixups are vital to her winning.

Ken: Kinda the same thing as kyo, just careless rushing. I know k is good for rushing, but take your time. dont be so careless, your just running in randomly and taking heavy punishment for it. If your opponent was a decent player, youd be dead long before you were.

Overall: Your not taking advantage of the openings you get. I remember a couple of times your oppanent was WIDE ass open and you did something like a sweep. You must use your most damaging combos or super combos anytime you get the chance. There were several times you couldve ended the round with a devastating k super but didnt and the round went on. Go to training mode and practice your b&b’s until you puke. The most important thing you need to work on right now in my opinion is being patient and taking advantage of openings with your best combo. I did these things after i posted my vid and people tore me apart. Im still working on my game but just in the last two weeks its improved a LOT. I took 2nd at a pretty big tourny this last weekend. Just do it, it works…

1st vid -

0:08 - You should always finish Morrigan’s chain with a knockdown, so you can mix it up afterwards.

0:09 - Opponent jumped in, should’ve been uppercutted since you had plenty of time to react to it.

0:14 - JD’d a crouching fierce … you could’ve DP’d or gone into a string from here.

0:16 - I don’t see much mobility in your Morrigan. Do you know how to use her? It seems in every situation you went for her run (fly). The only times you should be doing that is if your opponent is knocked down, or you’ve scared the opponent into blocking low.

0:40 - End Round 1. You jumped in too much, and when you weren’t jumping you did extremely unsafe run with Morrigan’s. She should do them a bit close up so she has a chance to cross up without staying in fly mode for too long.

0:59 - You start off with a jump in, then do another jump in. You should’ve been punished. Its okay to walk in, or run in to try and bait stuff. You should also never do Kyo’s launch kicks unless you saw the cr lk’s connect. Both were blocked but you did it anyway.

1:15 - Ryu whiffs cr roundhouse. The recovery on this is horrible. You should’ve punished with cr mp xx qcf+p chain. End Round 2.

1:43 - I notice you never walk in/run in with Kyo to close the gap. Do not jump in to close the gap … practice on just walking forward. That way you can react if you see your opponent jump at you or run forward if they whiff a heavy move. Use st rh and cr mp a bit more, they’re both good pokes from max range.

1:48 - Okay … you should’ve really combo’d off the jump in. You dizzied him anyway, but still. Take advantage if you land it.

1:52 - Extremely unsafe chip. If you want to chip him, do it off of crouching fierce. Both could’ve been hit by wake up super, but there’s less chance of you missing if its cancelled off of crouching fierce. The chain you did does good chip but noticed you mistimed it and could’ve been punished. End Round 3.

2:18 - You should’ve used Kyo’s oc roundhouse a bit earlier, you did it way too late. Plus Kyo can abuse qcf lk, lk SLIGHTLY against Sagat since he can’t duck the second hit.End Round 4.

2:48 - You landed a knock down and went for cr lk into lk hurricane? Not safe … go for a meaty st rh or st mk if you want to set up mix ups afterwards, or cr lk into combo string. Not into hurricane.

3:03 - Hmm … I’m not sure about this, but if you would’ve done cr mk into Ken’s hurricane kick super you might’ve got the win here. Either that or Sagat would’ve been really close to losing. Practice yo execution so you can combo into super when you get big opportunities like this.

3:06 - Wake up hurricane? No. Don’t waste a super if you don’t think you’ll hit it, just wait it out. Even if its K groove, if its not safe don’t use it.

3:08 - Your opponent flubs and whiffs a high tiger shot from up close. You punish with a simple cr mk. A simple throw into the corner would’ve sufficed.

3:20 - Hurricane into dragon punch isn’t a combo and is WAAAAY to risky. Go into st lp into a pressure string if you really want to keep the offensive, but I think Ken is at a decent frame disadvantage here.

I’ll comment on the second tomorrow.

I see that sometimes you stop moving. I get the impression you should always keep moving, cause that doesn’t show that you’re thinking as much. Work on your JD’s and your execution of B&B’s.
1st vid
1st match: You run into a lot of crap. Be careful about this, only press the attack when you’re in control. Try to get control carefully, especially with Morrigan, she has very little life. Also, don’t whiff uppercuts as much.
2nd match: Kyo vs Ryu, you get in twice and just wait…first time was when he did s hk, you waited, then got hit by s hk. Second time was when you jumped in (just before he whiffs a shin shoyuken) and just wait after he sweeps…maybe it’s cause he’s raged or whatnot, but you could have thrown out a c lk, then if that connected gone into your rekka combo.
3rd match: Nothing of note, just be wary of blocking low (you blocked the overheads fine, just not the c mk)
4th match: Same as above, blck crouching moves…
5th match: Stop getting hit by fireballs, I know you’re trying to JD them, just be more careful. Stop whiffing dangerous moves (hp shoryuken, shinpuu jinraikyaku)

2nd vid:
1st match: punish rolls with long, hp or hk attacks…or throw them. Work on your b&b so you connect a combo after c lk every time.
2nd match: meh
3rd match: after Sagat whiffed the super high tiger shot, you should have done a combo instead of throwing him. Same goes for after he does the hp uppercut (3:54) Nice darkness illusion.
4th match: You began the match with a nice 3 hit confirmation combo…the only problem is that you didnt’ finish it up with her special move (dunno Morrigan’s b&b). Your c lk * 3, c hk was ok, I’m wondering if there was a better option? (It was fine though). Generally dangerous to run as high as you did at 3:54. Might have wanted to sj at him instead?
5th match: Nice corner game with Ken at the start. Again, punish the whiffed shin shoryuken with something more than f + hk, even normal s hk does more than that. (maybe s hk xx hp dp?)

one thing for sure if your planning on staying in k - groove, practice, practice, and practice some more your jd’ing, you need alot of work in that area.


I think the biggest problem here was that you are not JD’ing, try and mix it up by JD’ing soem fireballs, then when he expects you to JD another one, super jump over to him and start a combo…
learn to JD predictible moves, that right there would improve your game big time…

EDIT - also you need to learn how to do your supers when being cornered or just when it is the right time, when you had ken with super , I saw multiple times you couldv’e caught sagat in that Jinrai Kyaku, but you waited till you got on 1P side and was free, never do random supers!!!
always try to catch em in a combo link or a counter…

where in the philly suburbs do you live?

thanks guys so far… i’m gonna throw up a few more in a bit

lzj: levittown (northeast)
more from last night

I only watched one video, so I’ll just comment on your Blanka play. Now we’ll disregard the fact that you wrecked Sagat because that Sagat player isn’t the best in the world. You jumped way to much, but the randomness in your jumping seemed to help you out, but most of the time it won’t.

It seemed like everytime you connected a j.rh you would try and follow up with xx blanka-ball. A better combo would be j.rh,, st.lp xx blanka-ball. This way it gives you more time to charge for the ball attack. If they block the j.rh you followed up with a Try something like j.rh (blocked) x3, cr.fp for guard damage.

You didnt even use cr.fp once and that is blanka’s best normal, is a good normal as well. Everytime you got a knockdown you should have blanka-balled over Sagat and did electricity so when he got up it would do some chip damage. Also learn to use his KKK moves (sorry forgot the name) for spacing because those are godly.

ok, you need to stop with the random pokes when playing morigan, try and perfect your poke game because there was multiple times when he almost punished you for it…
and another thing, you should learn to utilize ALL the supers each character has, I see you only try to get off morrigan’s best super, she has a good dragon punch super as well ya know, which is easier to connect with…try and mix it up…and you REALLY need to go into practice mode and try to get blanka’s -> -> cannon ball down…
you kept connecting but never finished with the cannon ball, also it may be easier to try and finish with his rising cannon ball cause you are holding down the whole time after the so it would be easier to finish the combo with the rising cannonball…

Combo your supers. When I play K groove, I try to guard crush as much as possible, but don’t guard break. When you’re raged, then you can guard break and use whatever you want into super. Otherwise, you’re in a groove where you sit on supers, and you should always use links/cancels to connect supers.
Your reflexes seem poor also. It’s probably because you’re trying to do one combo, and when your opponent gives you a huge opening, you don’t know what to do. I saw way too many whiffed and late punish attempts.


maybe find better competition???

and also whenever you have damage oppurtunity’s DO THE DAMAGE

What in the hell is a cannonball :slight_smile:

find better competition … that C groove guy in the vids rolls way to much … i suggest you throw everytime he rolls .

0:10 - I’m not sure why you didn’t block the DP? Were you trying to JD?
0:19 - I’m guessing you should have punished via S. RK xx QCF RK xx DP RK. Just practice , since you missed the DP RK completely.
0:28 - Random super = bad. Rush down when raged … SEriously you can do a lot of guard crush and just more damage. Don’t go for the super unless it’s in a combo / punish.
0:29 - He rolled through you twice … THROW! learn to throw when you see this shit go down.
0:36 - Random wake up DP = no. You also used Fierce DP … that’ sjust WRONG. think about how much damage that DP would have done on hit. Not much. now think of Ken’s free combo damage potential. He should have killed you with RH xx DP or c. sk x2 xx super lvl 1.
0:45 - finish the combo . QCF FP xx HCB FP xx HCF FP (not sure if this is exact movements … but osmething liek that).
0:46 … omg random super? don’t do it.
1:08 … throw … command throw here would work.
1:45 … liked the cross up there …

anyways to lazy to finish … use run more … rush down when raged … i suppose just get the basics down first

The most obvious thing I saw was you not going for the max damage every time. This is something that is said frequently but is hard to implement in your game. Do what I do: if you don’t have much time to think about the combo you want to do just go for a HK throw. It’s better than doing cr.MK!

Edit: also you can do a lot of damage with throws in K-groove. People turn ultra defensive when they see a raged opponent. Get a knockdown, press weak attacks and stop when opponent gets up then walk up throw. Works a lot and the damage is in your favoure.

Edit2: now I’ve seen all your matches. This is not meant to be insulting but you are very bad JDing. In K-groove when your opponent jumps in you should AA or, at worst, JD. Always JD jump-ins if you can’t AA in time.
You seem to a slow thinker. You seem to stand within your opponents range and “think” about your next move like Kyo’s overhead kick thing.
You also seem very one super orientated. You have a super in mind; you’re going to do it regardless of what your oppenent is doing. You really should make use of different supers. QC x2 supers are very easy to do on reaction. You should stick to those for now instead of raging demons and QCF -> HCB supers.
Don’t jump in on an downed opponent witha lvl 3 or is raged. Fist thing on thier mind is “I’m gonna super his ass”. Your lucky your opponent didn’t get you with get up supers. Same goes for running towards an opponent getting up. You can’t do anything against a lvl3 super if you are running towards your opponent or they could throw you when they are raged doing 2000+ free damage - ouch.
I haven’t bothered to tell you to learn combos or shit like that because it’s just something that you learn over time. If you are going to learn combos start with big easy punishers like Ken’s HP–> DP (3000+ plus damage is more than some lvl 1 supers). Then move onto easy super punishing like Sagat’s cr.HP–> any lvl 3.
Anyways that’s all I’ve got for now.

i dont have much competition where i live, and i usually can’t travel to tournies with my work schedule. it’s definitely hurting me though i know, i can abuse lots of stupid shit vs my friend and never get punished for it… :confused:

2 more, disregard my akuma in the first vid (i just dont know lol)

Sagat has a standing fierce you know, use it. It has better range than crouching fierce and kills jump happy opponents. Do something like s. jab, c. forward, wait a split second, s. fierce.

Your footsies are no good. Your lockdown is no good. Your combos into super are no good. And by no good I mean practically non existant. It’s harsh, but true.

  1. Patience is your friend. You don’t have to punish all mistakes, but when a good one comes along, use it. That last vid you just posted shows you throwing chun out of her super going the wrong way. WHERE’S YOUR LEVEL 3 TIGER CANNON???

  2. Practicing certain links is good, but once you have it down, stop thinking about it. Let it come naturally.

  3. JD more. Sorry, option select more. Before doing anything when you are close, tab downback, then do yor move. It almost feels like your tapping downback AND pressing a button, but the button press is just a few measly frames behind.

  4. Limit your opponents options. When me and friends play, I know damn well not to jump towards a zangief sitting on a lvl 3. Instill that type of fear on your opponent.

  5. Oh yeah, learn to punish rolls more. Mash crouching short if you have to, but don’t whiff sweeps. You’re just asking to eat a super in the face.

That is all for now.

The ONLY way for you to improve is to play better people. You might also wanna check out some match vids to see how to punish openings. Either you can’t do it and need to practice or you don’t know what to do and need to learn