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I have two sticks I’m looking to sell due to having two eightarc Fusions now. Both of these are for Xbox 360.

Stick number one is a MadCatz SFxT TE Pro. It’s one of the numbered ones (405/1000) in red, not the black one. I currently have a bat top on it instead of the ball top and it’s a red one that matches the body of the stick. $140 for only a couple more days, so consider this a sale price. Trades will be considered as long as they’re not outrageous.

[S]The second stick is a normal SFIV TE Round 2 stick, also modded with a bat top (black). $80 or best offer. SOLD.[/S]

I can swap them back to ball top for you if you like and I have the original boxes as well. Both sticks are in perfect working condition and are used by my friends when they’re over pretty regularly so I’d know if there were problems.

Shipping is NOT included in the costs mentioned above, so please factor that in to your consideration. Shipping will be $20 for shipping materials and the actual shipping cost. I will use UPS unless you specify otherwise.

Hey bro u actually have to set a price asnits in the rules , but u can always put obo in as well…good luck bro.

Ah, didn’t know! Thanks. I’ll just put one up there.

Cool. no problem…but on the fightstick pro if its in good condition u could get more…

Really? It’s in perfect condition, taking into account that it’s been used of course. I guess I’ll bump it up a bit. I was trying to factor in the sales MadCatz does but I guess you can’t really buy that one anymore.

yeah the red ones are the limited edtion ones so u should get more as you wont find that version of the stick unless someone on here is selling it.

I found one on eBay for like $340. Are people really buying them for that much? I have no interest in selling one at that ridiculous a price but I wasn’t aware they were really considered…well, valuable.

It’s mainly due to the fact they are… the first run of the fight stick pro…so I would say 140-160 is reasonable…but people will probably ask if ur willing to ship amd if the price includes shipping…I’ve sold several arcade sticks and it usually runs me 15-20 bucks fir jist shipping so that should give u something to think about as well.

Good point. Thanks for the tips.

I am interested in the Round 2 stick. I’ll send a PM.

Round 2 TE sold pending payment.

Wow, that is an AMAZING price for that Red TE Pro. I REALLY wish I had some cash on me, but alas, can’t afford to drop any dime at the moment. :frowning:

Good luck on your sale CyberEvil. I hope that Red TE Pro gets picked up by someone who will take care of it because it’s an amazing looking stick.

I’d imagine it’ll sell sooner rather than later. I’d honestly like to keep it but I have a constant-mover’s mentality and don’t like to keep things I’m not using haha. There’s probably only about 15-20 hours worth of use on it and I do like it but I can’t justify carrying a 360-only stick when I have two Fusions. Hopefully someone wants it with the bat top I put on it because the adapter for the JLF sticks is a bitch to take off to swap back to the ball top haha. Plus I think the red bat top looks sick with it.

EDIT: Because people (including folks not from SRK) keep telling me the price is too low on the Pro, I’m going to raise the price in the next couple days. Consider this a pre-Evo special I guess. I’m in that weird situation where I don’t need the money but I also don’t want to rip anyone off, myself included. So yeah. Buy quickly if you’re a collector.

Since you don’t need the money, I think it’d be best to think the stick would sell some time after EVO. I don’t think anyone going to EVO is trying to spend money right now. I mean it doesn’t hurt to have the post up right now but it’s just very hard to sell.
There’s also the EVO fightstick pro coming up

After Evo I will very much need the money lol.

Hey I’m looking to buy my first fightstick are you still selling the MadCatz SFxT TE Pro or did someone else beat me to it?

The Pro is still available. The Round 2 TE was sold though. PM me if you’re looking to pick it up.

Hey man sorry for the let down, but I think Im going to buy a eightarc stick… Good luck though.

Np, I have two of them. They’re awesome.