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I want to get a common ground Dreamcast PCB (Madcatz Dreampad or Agetec “Green Goblin” PCB) I only want to trade if you can verify that the pad is common ground.
This is an example of what it looks like.
Notice the Large blank area to the bottom right of D-pad. If you have a clear controller you will be able to see this.

I must be able to easily triple pcb this with 6 digital face buttons, I have a Common ground cthulhu/360 stick setup with a db-25 portsetup for other systems not supported by Chthulhu, like saturn and Snes and hopefully a dreamcast with Dual VMU support.

Not all of the Madcatz Dreampads are common ground.
I tried using this pcb that is not common ground and this is the one that I am not looking for. After running tests I concluded that this pad will not work.

I have 6 White Sanwa OSBN (screw in) and 5 white rim clear center Seimitsu 24mm screw ins for trade. Buttons are new and unused.

i have a madcatzdream pad for trade if u like. i dont need have too many dc pads laying around.

nvm the name of the pad is performance. whatever that is.

Yeah those performance astropads won’t do. I’ve heard they are not common ground, and they don’t have 6 digital face buttons. I am trying to avoid having trigger lag on my custom and need it to be common ground, Basically I am quite particular of what PCB I get.

I have a DB-25 port on my stick, but it will only work with common ground pads.

I wrecked one of these by accident, but then I got it off eBay for less than 4 (last year). :sweat:
They really that rare now?

I might be able to help you, rtdzign.

I DO have a Dreamcast MadCatz pad WITH 6 button pads that I bought early in my Dreamcast’s life. It DOES have 6-button facepads.

The outer casing is light gray with two outer blue grips.

I can post a picture if you want after I get back making a bank payment now…

I’m back…

Here’s the image of the Dreamcast MadCatz pad that I own:

I really don’t use this pad anymore and it was never my favorite to begin with. D-pad’s kind of stiff. I have kept all its ports filled with tremor pak and memory card so not to worry – no dust contamination there!

BTW, are those OBSN’s 30mm white buttons?

I know it may be a lot to ask but in order for me to tell if it is common ground I would need to see a high res picture of the pcb. I just bought that same one off ebay but it wasnt common ground. I just dont want to play roulette with ebay. The later model clear color ones are more likely to be common ground.

yes all white screw ins.

I don’t see how mine’s going to be different then honestly.

I can take it apart, no problem… I’m just going to be extra careful NOT to destroy the pad process.

Will post a pic in in this reply after I take it apart.

Here’s the PCB. Some of the buttons/stick are soldered to it so I can’t flip it over. The relevant circuitry is on the underside anyway…

This is the biggest, highest rez I can post of it (230 dpi).

This is a link to the image… Click again after it comes up and you get maximum size.

I tried the other URL but it didn’t work the first time I posted…

i have an official dreamcast pad that i already have prewired. I’m not using it anymore so it sits in a box. pm me if you’re interested.

Yeah that’s the same one that I got. The directional have a seperate common, and the start has it’s own ground, and the face buttons have a different common. Thanks for opening it up. Thanks though for looking. A few of the late model opaque ones where common ground I hear. The traces and resistor layout are changed.

Updated first post with pictures.

I have one of those too. Thanks for the offer. The trigger lag with an official pad has been noticeable in Alpha 3. Not too much of a problem when I hit Fierce first, but probably explained why I only got level 2 super combos most of the time instead of 3.

tossed you a pm with some pics

Thanks Kojiro. To be quite honest I didn’t know there where more that 2 revisions of this PCB. The only way to be sure is if you have a multimeter and can do a continuity test on the ground lines. I think that one is one that is not common ground, but is hackable to be common ground since It has a resistor block, from what I’ve read in the pad hacking thread.

I read something in the pad hacking forum that I am going to try, see if it will work on my pcb. but I’ll still want to see what any body may have especially one that matches the first pick.

Ok, if you decide you want to try that one, just toss me a pm.

I have a purple seethrough dreampad somewhere, I know it. If kojiro can’t hook you up, I gotchu.

raeli, could you look at your pad and see if it matches the pcb in the first pic? If it matches i’m on it. PM sent or soon.

Went and Bougt a Agetec Stick on another forum.

I am now going to close this thread. Thanks everyone who tried to hook me up. I just got a Agetec on the way, I’m going to put my non CG dreampad PCB in that case and swap out the pcbs.