please close


ill take the axisdapter and sixaxis. ill do local pickup :wink:

Nice. Axisdapter and sizaxis sold.

payment sent!

Added my TE-S stick. I’ll probably add a crap ton of random controllers later.

I may hit you up about that TE-S when I get paid

So it comes with the chimp and a Xbox pcb? So technical ally the stick is dual modded. Right?

It comes with both pcbs. The fightpad isn’t soldered/hooked up due to laziness.


Responded to a pm and fixed confusing post…

How much for the te soldered/ hooked up?

[S]I’d dual mod it for Unicorn meat.[/S] I’m thinking about parting it out. Still debating if I should, or keep it around for a stick my friends could use.

TE bundle pending

TE bundle sold.

Added a TE-R1

Lowered price.

Added brand new Ps2 controllers.

Lowered price.

PM Sent.

Added Namco Stick.

I want to buy something! Lowered price on the Round 1

Explorer200 is stealing my idea! (i need black turbo panel + red switches though haha)… good luck finding one, try hitting up Ikagi-chan, I was talking to him about the HRAP turbo switches and he might have the blue ones (sorry if im mistaken). But he wants a HRAP-EX/EX-SE turbo panel pcb+mic port for it.