Please close

As I said the thread title says, I would like to buy an entry level fight stick, like the HORI Ex 2 (I don’t know what the Madcatz one is). The Cheaper the better because I don’t want to spend a crap load of money on something that I won’t like. I will pay through Paypal or something else if the seller is looking for a check or cash etc. Shoot me a PM with the price you are looking for (Don’t post the price in the thread please so we don’t have people undercutting). I will go with first come first serve idea unless someone sends me a price that is cheaper by a large amount. Moderately used is ok if the price is right (Same goes for heavily used). Also, I live in MN and I would like to buy from the Continental US so shipping doesn’t kill me.


I have found an offer that I liked. Could someone close this down for me?