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So freaking cool, man… me likes. Good luck with your sale! :smiley:

Good luck with the sale Dan. Nice looking stick. Where’s the the graphic from? Give this guy your money people. :tup:

me want that stick dan

thanks Dom! and as for the art its from gurren lagann (anime)

and meus we can work something out hit me up! :tup:

Did you build the case? Looks great++

Wish i could say i did, but that my friends is the work of Dj-Blitz and he did a superb job on it!

Would you want to trade and put in a bit extra?
I love that stick you got there…

wow this stick is awesome. nice price too.

Bump For New Items! :frowning:

just waitin for iphone pics. pm me once u post so i know :slight_smile:

p.s. if i dont reply it means im gone for a few hours for dinner tonight with my girl. im good for my money

PM sent on that Hori T5 stick. I’m interested, just got a few questions, then I’ll decide if I wanna buy it or not. :slight_smile:

So that 360 controller is confirmed to be Common Ground? Those are hard to find, and if you can confirm that it’s common ground and NOT common line, I’m interested.

its this controller if that helps any…


Sent PM regarding Seimitsu Buttons.

all prices include shipping?

yes sir! :tup:

Sorry to hear about that job situation…good luck with the sale

@ Strikeshell
Thanks man i really appreciate it!

wow im a fucking idiot for skipping on that t5 stick. for some reason i totally skipped the price of that cuz i for some stupid reason assumed it would be a high price. im a tard.

oh well at least i got the phone of my dreams.