- Please Close - FS: Assorted Sanwa and Seimitsu parts

I have for sale:
USA only will be shipping first class in bubble mailer unless noted. Have to spend at least $6 total.

$2 shipped
6 White Madcatz SE buttons and 1 Black 30mm snap ins

35mm Balltops $5 each shipped



$ Shipped Red Buttons shipped flat rate priority. Sold as set: Sold!
6 Red Sanwa OSBN 30mm
2 Black Rim Red Plunger Seimitsu PS-14-GN 30mm
2 Red Sanwa OSBN 24mm
1 White rim clear center Seimitsu PS-14-DN 24mm

$ shipped
Silver Neutrik RJ-45 keystone jack. Screws and plate included Sold

$ each
3x 2.5mm headphone jack extension for Xbox 360 Mic. 3ft.Sold

3 Red Shinden SDM-18 18mm snapins
$ each. Sold

$ shipped
2 Seimitsu Black button PS-14 GN 30mm SOLD!

$ shipped
3 Seimitsu black rim/green plunger PS-14-DN 24mm Sold

whats the condition of these buttons?

Ill take the 2 black semitsu buttons they have the nuts right?

that would be the perfect button to use as your guide button

I know that’s y I want them lol

All of them are unused. Some have shipping scratches, like how Lizardlick or Akihabara shop gets them slightly buffed, but nothing out of the ordinary on how they usually arrive. I’ll say good to great condition.

payment sent

all screw ins have nuts. yep.

Willing to sell the 6 Red Sanwa OSBN 30mm by themselves? If so, hold them for me until tomorrow.

I want to try to sell them as a set for a week, but will break it up after that.

If u sell him those 6 I’ll pRob take the rest from that set and 2 of those extentions

In that case I’ll see if they sell as a set for a few days and if not I’ll pm both of you next week.

No doubt u shipped out the other stuff if not I’d add those extentions

I was actually at work but just got off and was about to go to the post office. Go ahead and Paypal me for the extensions asap and I’ll throw those in when I get home.

EDIT: Nevermind, don’t hold them. Got them elsewhere.

Please close this thread. I decided I will be keeping the rest of these parts for test fitting pieces.