Hi guys and gals,
New here but a friend told me I might have some success finding a Hitbox or similar for PS3/PC. Hitbox official site is sold out and I know after shipping, they cost a ton. Looking to stay in/around the 140 ballpark. Send me ideas/offers and I will respond immediately. Thanks :slight_smile:

If you already have a stick u don’t use, u can get a hitbox top panel and just buy,the necessary buttons

Do they still make those? I thought bk stopped making them

They still make em, I just emailed them. I’d still prefer to have a real one instead of sacrificing one of the sticks I currently use/buying more buttons etc. Thanks for the heads up though :slight_smile:

Art makes plexi top panels aswell for hraps/TE

Hitboxes rock.

I ended up just ordering a real one :slight_smile: They are due back in stock this week so hopefully the wait won’t be too long. Thanks all.

How much did you end up spending, if I may ask? I’m always comparison shoping.

For a brand new Hitbox (from the official site) with shipping to NYC I ended up spending 179.00. Kinda pricey but after exploring the other options (making my own, modding a TE or Hori of my own collection, plus parts etc.) I wasn’t really happy with the choices. The last time I ordered from Lightning and Art’s Hobbies it took nearly 4 weeks to get my materials, and then it’s a matter of getting the buttons/wiring etc. I had some loot left over from taxes so this didn’t kill me too badly :slight_smile: Actually like the design of the Hitboxes too. If I enjoy playing on it, I’ll build one for fun later this summer when I have more free time to fully dig into the process.

Did you recieve yours yet? I was plannng on buying new from the offical site but they ended up being out of stock. I was lucky to find a used large one for $125 + shipping. I have it sent to gummo to dual mod mod, add neutrik RJ45, and change all the buttons to black. I’m patiently waiting for mine to arrive, very excited!

Yep. I love it. You can always email the Hitbox guys directly and they usually get one made for you quickly even if the site says out of stock at the moment. Great fun learning and pulling off more accurate combos etc.

Im waiting on my replacement panel from lighting, I had a spare HRAP shell and buttons laying around lol

I was debating on a getting a nice custom arcade stick but I decided to take the plunge and get a Hitbox. It costed me a total of $305 but I think it will be worth it. My brother however is really good at stick so I might buy one for him LOL! His a nurse and I’m buying him one something is not right with that picture!

That’s worth a shot man, that’s actually the best route to take.

why did it cost you so much? i got an official “real” Hitbox direct from the manufacturers and paid 179 after shipping…

I got it dual modded and added a Neutrik RJ45 and changed the buttons to black. I wanted the Neutrik RJ45 installed to fix the USB disconnection issues that the Hitbox have. The Hitbox unit itself only cost $125

That cost sounds about right. I’ve been charged $85 for parts and labour when it came to dual-modding my TE by Ben Fong here in NYC. It cost me an extra $15 for the RJ 45, the internal 1 ft USB cable and an external 10ft USB cable from Focus Attack. The 12 snap in buttons for the hitbox at roughly $3 a button is $36. I’m getting a total cost of $261 before tax and shipping costs leaving $44 to cover those two.

yeah my bad, i thought he was saying he bought an official HB for that much. :)))

LOL! that would be the ripoff of the century if I bought a Hitbox for that much! I got a really good deal with Gummo. His work is amazing and reasonably affordable. Your correct Eric, I decided to get the buttons changed because it’s used, I want the peace of mind that my Hitbox would last for a good time. BTW it’s shipped out today!

Gummo will be uploading pics pretty soon too!