Pleaes help. Akuma mission 10 in Marvel Vs Capcom 3


Anybody please help. I cannot do Akuma mission 10. After spending over ten hours attempting it I feel so frustrated and angry I feel like throwing my tv out the window.

The key to Akuma mission 10 seems to be doing the Partner 2 assist on the ground then immediately Hyakkishu L, because if you don’t start the Messatsu-Goshoryuu (Dragon Punch Super) by the time Chun Li’s assist finishes you will fail. Spider Man will recover in air then block if you do not start Dragon Punch Super before Chun Li’s last attack. How fast do you have to do this? We are talking all the videos I’ve seen of people completing this mission, already have Akuma in the air performing Hyakkishu L before Chun Li even lands to start her assist attacks. I still can’t do this, and I don’t know what is going wrong.

I’ve tried doing “Back, Down, Back-Down + P2(assist), L” and that doesn’t work. Chun Li doesn’t even come out.

I try “Back + P2, Down, Back-Down + L” and only get marginal results… half the time a Back+Up gets thrown in there somehow and screws everything up.

Tried reading every thread I can about it

Tried watching every video I can about it

After all these hours of attempts I feel pretty damn exhausted, frustrated and pissed off and looking for help anywhere I can. I’ve been able to do all of Felicia’s fast missions, all of Amaterasu’s weapon change missions, Dr.Doom #9 misson (heck I’ve done 346/380 missions) and this one is just giving me grief. I admit, I’m alittle afraid to take a break because if I don’t finish this now, I’ll forget stuff and won’t be able to do it again tomorrow after a break. But I can’t continue playing and my thumb stings.

Please help. Thank you

You should probably have posted this on the Akuma boards. Prepare to be moved!

The flip kick is what OTG’s. As soon as you land, call Chun and immediately do the demon flip.
Flip hits OTG, chun hits, hit twice and cancel into the super.

It’s P2, RDP… don’t try doing it at the same time.

O_O;;; I finally did it.

J. Scogz thank you, I don’t know how but just you saying “don’t try doing it at the same time” meant I didn’t have to do it AsFastAsHumanlyPossibleOrElseMissionFailFailFAILED!!! Your cool attitude helped me understand that this thing wasn’t super duper impossible which really helped my morale.

ThreeSided, sorry I didn’t post this in the Akuma forum. For the infamous DrDoom mission #9 I asked for help in the Dr. Doom forum but nobody responded, so I thought this would be the best place to ask.

To save others the frustration I went through, I’ll share what I have learned here + other places. Hopefully they’ll find the info if they were in my position and kept googling for any information that could help.

The key to completing Akuma’s mission 10 is to do the Hyakkishu L immediately after pressing the assist button, so you can begin the Dragon Punch Super before Chun Li finishes her assist attack. If you begin your Dragon Punch Super after Chun Li finishes her assist attack then Spider-Man will recover in mid-air & somehow block the super.

How fast do you have to do the Hyakkishu L after you press the assist button? If Akuma isn’t already in the air from performing the Hyakkishu L BEFORE Chun Li lands to begin her assist attack, then you have gone too slow.

  1. After the Senpukyaku delay the c.M to make the air combo easier to chain, if not Spider-Man might be too high for the air S to connect.

  2. Perform the air combo slowly to land quicker after Spider-Man lands = more time on the ground for Akuma to do the combo before Spider-Man gets up.

  3. Immediately after you press the Chun Li assist button perform the Hyakkishu L, so you can do the Dragon Punch Super before Chun Li finishes her attack. I did this by practicing “back + P2 assist, down, back-down + L” and somehow was able to manage it.

Again thank you all for the help, I don’t think these missions should take so long >.<

FYI: Most of the BnB combos are harder than any of the missions… I haven’t played the game in a while (I sold it before I owned it a month), but I remember they weren’t that hard. I think Magneto’s 10 gave me the most difficulty, but I could be wrong… Perhaps Ammy’s stupid stance changes too.

The key is to not think about it too much… Just realize, you have to hit the buttons in the order that it says, and keep your chillness about it.

Some of the timings are whack, though. On the harder ones you have to get everything absolutely perfect without the help of something that shows or even suggest what the timings should be (one of the things that Blazblue did have for it’s Challenge Mode, which probably would’ve been impossible without it)

Hmm…I’m going to have to respectfully disagree about their difficulty. I’m not trying to be insulting or argumentative, but rather I’m frustrated and just venting.
READ: This post is me whining. I’m not angry or trying to hurt anybody.

For you perhaps these missions weren’t too hard, but for me they were murder. I think I’ve logged 200+ hours trying to do these missions.

I kind of get the feeling there are two types of players when it comes to mission mode in Marvel Vs Capcom 3.
1) The players who are already experienced fighting game players,
Probably own a stick or at least a fightpad. The mission mode is easy to them because MvsC3 is a relatively beginner friendly fighting game.
2) Everybody else,
who probably give up long before they complete even 320 missions. Maybe 60% of the missions are easy and the rest are ridiculously hard. It is an ordeal to get 320 missions for the achievement. Gets even harder if you use a regular control pad.

In these links half of what people write are them expressing the same “Why is this super hard I’ve been doing this for four hours and still can’t do it” frustration.

and of course finally

there are seventy-freakin-three likes for one post “You have no hope…of completing mission 9!” (which took me two days of solid attempts just to complete, and I had already completed 300 missions at that point). Plenty of posts

For Vesper’s Akuma video somebody wrote
*“After around 1 month I can’t complete mission 10. I try it every day and the result is the same… spiderman do air recovery after the super and the super shoryuken do not connect… You can’t call chun li faster or slower in this combo because spiderman wake up if you try to call chun li at a different time or the dive kick do not connect. This is really frustrating and this mission is way more worst than Dr.Doom’s mission 9 and that one took me 3 weeks of daily tries… sigh u.u” *and damn do I know that feeling.

Its not fun to hear to hear what took you perhaps 12 hours of intense struggle comes so effortless to others. In my opinion these some of these missions are really hard. o_O

After I had to

  • download three how-to videos and watch them frame by frame
  • Practice the entire combo without Chun Li assist
  • test which part of the combo cause spider-man to block at the last second
  • practice the second half of the combo again and again and again
  • finish 10-12 hours of attempts over two days (my thumb still hurts from using the control pad so much)
    and then hear again “Oh yeah, none of the missions are really hard” it just hit my “Rant Mode Switch ON!!” button. >_<

Whining mode TURN OFF!

Ok! Thanks for hearing me out, I don’t even care if this doesn’t get read or gets no replies, I just wanted to get that off my chest. J.Scogz, or anybody else for that matter, please don’t think I’m angry or flaming anybody, just ranting. In fact I’m actually really appreciative to J.Scogz, I was so desperate for help I posted this same thread in about four different forums and he was the only one who responded with real advice.

Alright, time to take a break. Thank you again everyone.

I figured you were “experienced”… coming from a 2k2 member. Sorry for the assumption.

It’s all good J.Socgz, we’re cool. :slight_smile:

broken assist

i did akumas missions last night, and number 10 gave me a hard time. The thing is, the missions aren’t HARD, they are just stupid. They are impractical, the game is incredibly strict with the way you have to do them, etc. I still haven’t done Doom mission 9, Haggar mission 9 (I don’t know what it is about haggars missions, he’s too big to do air chains, properly), Cap. America missions 9&10 (fucking #9 is impossible, lol), Thor mission 10, Chun/ammy/v.joe #10. So anyone having trouble with missions, I’m right there with you, I’m experienced, been playing a while, and can do all of these missions, adding/subtracting 1 or 2 things, such as what you would do if making a mission/trial combo, actually viable in a match.

The thing that I’ve found to really help me when I’m in that mood, to get missions done, is to take a break every once in a while, because when you sit there, and try over and over and over and over, you start to daydream, and get into this daze where you’re not actually paying attention to what you’re doing, and you will never get it done in that state of mind. The thing you gotta remember, or at least, I do, and it helps me, is that the trials in SSF4 are a lot harder, and I got all those done. You just have to slow yourself down, and focus on what you are doing, also, I’ve found it useful to actually do a mission from P2 side, with the chars. behind the mission outline, that way you have it right there in front of you to glance at and remind yourself what comes next. Hope this helps someone, cause even as an experienced player, every once in a while I’ll come across a mission that just bugs the crap outta me.