Plaza Bonita TilT

This is THE SPOT. Yall don’t like Nickel cause it’s too far, and sticks don’t work.

Yall dont’ like Chula cause sticks are iffy, screen is discolored.

Yall dont like Mission cause arcade sucks cause there’s no competition.

Yall don’t like Gamelords cause shit is too expensive.


Has marvel on a big machine, so there’s ample amount of space. Sticks/buttons work well.

Also, it doesn’t have those weird ass looking emo kids that hang around Chula Mall all day.

And for you Tekken heads that hated 5.1’s bore fest. Tekken is switched back to 5.0!!!

Plaza was already the hotspot for Tekken. Now we can make it the hotspot for MvC2. Need comp? I’m decent:tup: . I’m sure Dios-X- is down to play.


So if I’m reading this correctly, they moved the marvel out of the close space machine on to a big screen? That’s good enough for me to go. Only reason I never went was no competition. I guess some other people are wondering if they got cvs2 or any other games besides marvel and tekken. I know they have marvel 1 also not sure the status of the machine though.

no CvS2.

MvC1 is there. But in horrible shape. They CAN fix it, if it gathers enough interest. Like if enough people play it to where they don’t waste their money buying sticks/buttons.

Or you could just donate buttons/sticks. I’m donating some sanwa buttons for the T5 machine there.

anyways if yall wanna play.

Ill be at Plaza FRIDAY. Don’t know what time, but I’ll be there.

Tekken or Marvel.

i’ll try and make it friday too. their marvel1 is pretty fucked up. but i’ll definitely be a heavy supporter to get that fixed if enough people wanna play :pleased:

Tekken 5 Point O!

They moved mvc2 from a tiny cabinet to a big screen, like svc chaos big screen? anyone confirm? and yes i would be down for mvc2 and t5 if i learned damn it.


I will play mvc1 if they fix it. Too bad plaza closes at 9 and 6.

Plaza is where i was introduced into marvel about a year and a half ago, always some good comp there even the guy that worx there would play a few games. Are the buttons convex?, ah well i’ll try to make it this week too, peace

What the hell -_-

No cvs2? “Ya’ll dont come here cuz there aint cvs2” =[

I am sadenned. Oh well, back to recording everyone’s frame data into my notebook =/. Tokido style.

yo Chris I got a couple of Q’s…what kind of sticks are they for Marvel? (360 with Comp buttons?)

how far is it from SDSU?

will there be some fierce competition?

i MIGHT stop by Friday =D

closer to the pad
ill be headin there this friday too

Close by. Maybe 15 mins? Just go down the 125 south to 54 west then exit Plaza Bonita drive (I think)

Sticks are concave, with switches. They work well though.

Seems like everyone on this thread is going Friday. If not, I’ll be there friday.

what time is everyone thinking about going? later afternoon? earlier? post post post

friday in the late afternoon, i figure after 6 or so
heh cvs2 gets borin fast :devil:

ima go around 5:00 or so…

yur ava is done Fernando =)

mmm, dont know if i can go friday. im free wednesday, thurs, sat :xeye:

I can cruise by for a lil bit today, be there around 5-6

Im goin today too.

nice ava fernando! your famous words hah.