Playstation Stick > xbox360 & computer

Hey this may have been answered somewhere but I didn’t see a search function.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a Playstation/Playstation2 Controller Adapter that would allow me to use it on 360 for SF4 and PC for net matches.

I’ve checked the adapter/controller thread but without a search function there’s so much to go through. Plus I’m not sure if some of the adapters listed are both compatible with the 360 or PC, (USB port?)


That is the one I am eyeing.

Those kind of suck…lots of lag and you have to have a wired 360 controller to make it work.

anyone else know of anything like this?

all of them lag so its not worth getting one.

Well than what would be the best option for me to do? I still want to play 3rd Strike and Guilty Gear on my PS2, and I have a nice TMO wooden case/stick. But with SF4 and Remix I’d like to have a nice stick for the 360 as well.