Playstation Network ( PSN ) really that bad? (Steet Fighter IV)

I know that has been discussed a hundred of times in general. But I would like to hear some advices mainly for fighting games, especially Street Fighter IV. Ive read through the internet a lot, found a lot of threads and ALL of them developed in a flame war between xbox360 and ps3 fans without reasoning or good argumentation ! I really would appreciate some posts of people, who played and know both networks and really are able to compare them (and I dont want to hear arguments like psn is free and xbl costs money).

Right now I’m either buying a ps3 or a Xbox360 (playing on pc right now). My main focus lies on online gaming with fighting games (SF4, SFxT, Skullgirls (ggpo netcode yeah) , perhaps KOF 13 (waiting for the patch and experiences with it) ). I have no problem with paying 30€ for xbl gold a year, if the performance is that! much better. I think the playerbase for both systems is comparable.
So why do I not simply buy a xbox instead of opening this thread?
My friends all play ps3. The ps3 has a blueray player. The controller of the ps3 suits me more (for other games, for fighting games I play with arcade stick).
But if xbl really is that much better, I will definitely go for it.
Are there good players who play on PSN and even prefer it over xbl? Given that all agree that xbl is better in general, is it anyway possible to find good connections against some people on psn ? (If it’s possible to find good connections (comparable with xbl experience) on psn against some people, I would simply put them to friend list and play them preferential, that would be ok then for me).

Would like to hear some experiences of convinced psn users (who know xbl as well in best case).

I used 2 own a 360 and used to play SSF4 on it but then I moved over to PS3 and I have 2 say all in all the experience was better on 360.

I feel that PSN in general has better players on a whole, there were so many noobs on 360. Don’t get me wrong there r gd players on 360 as well but I just get more of a challenge against people on PSN and most of them seem 2 kno what they r doing for the most part.

However lag wise 360 was much better it was very rare that I experienced lag on 360 but PS3 i tend 2 get a lot of random lag spikes here and there and a few of my matches I would even say r unplayable this is rare tho and a lot of the time the connection is fine. My connection where I am isnt the best so maybe its more my fault rather than PSN.

If ur looking for a smooth online gaming and ur gonna play on a Arcade stick 360 is defs the way 2 go

You just explained every reason why this is closed.