PlayStation Controllers on Arcade Machines HELP NEEDED!

Ok, so I have a set of PlayStation cords with female ports (2) and two wiring harnesses with 8 pins on each. They both daisy chain and connect to form a 16 pin connector. THis normally would go on a Tekken DR cabinet directly on the System 256 board. Obviously this won’t just plug and play on any cabinet, but my question is, how in the world can I get this to work in a normal Jamma cabinet?

What type of power do I need to get the PS ports to work, and has anyone ever made some type of bridge or passthrough board to make this easier?

I will have a pic in a moment.

Also, the cabinets at Arcade Infinity and Family Fun that have PSX ports in them, what the heck are those machines called? The brand name…

isnt there some jamma harness for ps2 controllers?

You need a MGCD for PS2.

(unfortunately, it’s sold out… but i’ll let you search the net to find one, it’s not that rare.)

You can connect a PS2 to an arcade cab using this device.

i thought he wanted to connect ps controllers to a jamma setup?

Sorry, I misunderstood…

I think you can still use it with systems such as Naomi, Type-X, EX-board and Atomiswave which have their own video and sound output. (I mean, additionaly to the jama one)

Just plug the sound and video signal output from the game PCB/board to the video/sound input in the MGCD, and connect the MGCD to the arcade cab.


I need to add Playstation controller access to EXISTING Jamma games, not turn a PLayStation 2 into a Jamma system. WHat you are showing me is completely different. I have female ports that TAKE controller input, you are showing me something that is male and just allows existing joysticks and buttons on a cabinet to work on a Jamma converted PS2. This is strictly for additional controller access.

Is there an arcade near your area that has this setup? Maybe you could ask the owner to open it up so you could see how it’s done. I think the arcade at the mall has T5DR with the ps2 ports. I’ll ask if they could open it up so I could see. Damn it sucks that my g/f doesn’t work there anymore or I would ask her to do it for me.

What you’ll need is the proper circuit to go from PSX->JVS USB, and JVS USB to JAMMA.

Where did you get those ports to begin with? What kind of cab or kit did it come out of?

You can’t, or at least not without designing a custom decoder circuit. Given that you had to ask it is likely way beyond your skill set…


In my first post I explained that these are from that exact cabinet. They hook up through a port on the System 256 board, which will not help me with other cabinets.

What the heck is a JVS USB?

I stated in the original post, these are the ports from a Tekken 5 DR cabinet.

JVS is the replacement for the Jamma standard; allows for analog controls, higher definition video, all sorts of bells and whistles. It uses a controller connection that looks identical to regular USB plugs. NOTE: Physically its the same, but the way the wires communicate is hella different from USB! Please dont call it USB, because it aint.

I can’t tell from the grainy pictures. Are there any electronics in that piece, or it just just straight wire to the ends of the PSX port?

Where do I get one of these JVS things?

Its built into most new arcade cabinet; thats why most new systems (Naomi on up) require some sort of Jamma interface to work in a jamma cabinet. As for trying to wire up JVS in a remodelled to handmade cabinet, I have no idea.