PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal - "Where are those SSB players at.?"

I’m only assuming SSB players would be interested in this game.
But im Honestly really hyped about this game! I would love to see this turn competitive!

This game will come out before Christmas and in the Fall for the Ps3 and Ps Vita with cross-platform compatibility.

What doe you guys think? and who else is excited for it!?

Roster: (Will be updated as time goes on.)
Big Daddy (Bioshock)
Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
Kratos (God of War)
Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper XX)
Fat Princess (Fat Princess XX)
Sweet tooth (Twisted Metal)
Colonel Radec (Killzone)
Parappa (Parappa the Rapper)






I am a SSB64 and melee fan, I am honestly looking forward to this.

I personally think there will be a little bit of a scene around it, but there are a couple things that I think will keep it from getting as big as a lot of other games:

-Console exclusivity. It helps that PS3 is the EVO standard (and it’s my system of choice), but I think 360 is the system of choice among a large chunk of the community. That knocks out a big chunk right there, especially since…

-It’s Sony. I don’t mean this as a bash on Sony, but I feel Smash’s tournament scene happened because it’s a MASSIVE community, and it got massive because the game attracted so many people. The number of people who will buy a game like this because it has Mario/Pikachu/Link/Samus/etc… far outnumber the number of people who would buy a game like this because it has Nathan Drake/Big Daddy/Parappa/etc.

-The game itself. Yes, Smash has Final Smashes, but you can still win by doing damage with your normals. As it appears right now, the entirety of PABR (PSABR? BSASBR) is “get the super, hit the super.” I don’t know how that will play out on a tournament level.

I really hope I’m wrong, and I very well could be. But I see this game going down the route of Tatsunoko vs Capcom: It’s there for a while, then it’s not.

To be honest i don’t see this game going to be competitive or anyone taking this game seriously. Its just a pick me up fun game, the game mechanics don’t seem to fit in with the style or layout to be a strategy or technique skill based game.

My impression of the Smash community is that they are more about the Smash series in particular rather than about the genre of Smash-type games in general. It’d be cool if they came around, but I don’t expect them to flock to this.
I once ventured to Smashboards, curious to see what they were saying. Starting to read from the time the demo was released, it was like 80% complaining and “it’s not enough like smash”. Almost zero strategy discussion and a very slow moving thread. Compared to SRKs thread at the time, which was very hype and people figuring out stuff and sharing knowledge.

I’m here. This game is way too different to make a comparison between the 2.

It’s very fun, I like it a lot but it’s not the same at all.